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Dr. Al-Osaimi Calls for Developing a Strategy for the Breastfeeding Promoting Program

The Assistant Deputy Minister for the Supportive Medical Services, Dr. Munirah bint Himdan Al-Osaimi, pointed out that the Ministry of Health (MOH) seeks to raise the breastfeeding rates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). During the honoring ceremony held the day before yesterday morning for the health institutions awarded the world title “Child Friendly”, accredited by the MOH and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), under the auspices of the Vice Minister of Health for Health Affairs, Dr. Mansour bin Nasser Al-Howasi, Dr. Al-Osaimi underlined that efforts are concerted between the health sectors and UNICEF; in order to boost up the procedures applied for the purpose of encouraging mothers towards breastfeeding.

Brain may 'Compensate' for Alzheimer's Damage

Scan image of brain affected by Alzheimer's diseaseThe human brain may be able to compensate for some of the early changes seen in Alzheimer's disease, research in Nature Neuroscience shows. The study suggests some people recruit extra nerve power to help maintain their ability to think.

Top 6 Risk Factors for Pulmonary Embolism

  Pulmonary embolism (PE)--a blockage of the main artery of the lung or one of its branches by a substance that has traveled through the blood system from elsewhere in the body--occurs equally in men and women, but risk increases with age. For every 10 years after age 60, the risk of having PE doubles. Other than age, here are health and lifestyle factors that may put you at a greater risk. 

‘Those who fight Parkinson’s with knowledge always find solutions’

JEDDAH — The World Parkinson’s Program is running “Parkinson’s Education Campaign” in Saudi Arabia throughout September. 

FDA: Little Evidence to Support Testosterone Drugs

needle_640.jpgWASHINGTON –  The Food and Drug Administration says there is little evidence that testosterone-boosting drugs taken by millions of American men are beneficial, though the agency is also unconvinced by studies suggesting the hormone carries serious risks.

Drug 'New Hope' Against Heart Failure: Expert

Experimental medication beat standard treatment at reducing hospitalizations, cardiovascular deaths

New Coronavirus Cases Discovered

ABHA – The Ministry of Health announced Friday that it had registered two new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of infected patients to 729 since August 2012.

Eating Disorders and Autoimmune Diseases Linked

Several autoimmune diseases have been linked to, and may even play a role in the development of, eating disorders, new research suggests.

Five Causes of Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a disorder with many possible causes. Anything that disturbs the normal pattern of neuron activity -- from illness to brain damage to abnormal brain development -- can lead to seizures. 

Dr. Soliman Fakeeh’s Services Recalled

1410627404514428700.jpgMakkah Gov. Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah has expressed his condolences on the death of Dr. Soliman Fakeeh, a renowned Saudi physician and founder of Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital, who died at the age of 85 on Wednesday.  Prince Mishaal, who visited the family’s residence in Jeddah on Friday, conveyed his condolences to Fakeeh’s brothers Abdul Rahman and Omar and his sons Dr. Mazin and Ammar, and prayed for the late doctor’s eternal salvation. The family thanked the governor for his gesture.