Medical News

Is Tau the 'How' Behind Alzheimer's?

When this protein malfunctions, brain cells die, say researchers working with mice

Deaths from MERS Virus Reach 348

mers_12.jpgRIYADH, Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia’s Health Ministry says that a total of 348 people have died in the kingdom after contracting Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS. The ministry’s latest figures, released late Tuesday, include two recent deaths recorded in the capital Riyadh. It brings to 810 the number of confirmed cases in Saudi Arabia since the virus was first identified in 2012.

'Text Neck' and Other Tech Troubles

Gift-buying season is here, and on top of the wish list for most people is the latest tech gadget or gizmo. But some experts are concerned that more tech may equal more pain for frequent users.

Pollution Down, but Health Risks Persist

On a bright, hot summer day in just about any major city in the world, there’s a slightly yellowish haze that hangs in the air. It’s the thing that makes sunsets appear fiery red, but it can be a dangerous health hazard for people living underneath. It's air pollution.

Birth Control Emphasized

40367646905592292.jpgExperts have emphasized the need for population control to preserve the economic resources and urged the Council of Senior Islamic Scholars and the Shoura Council to express their opinion on the sensitive issue. “People are afraid of talking about birth control in the Kingdom because of sensitivity and ignore the educational, economic and organizational dimensions of the issue,” said Fadhel Al-Bouainain, an economist.

Type 1 diabetes could be diagnosed with simple breath test, says Oxford University

Harvard University has, for the first time, managed to manufacture the millions of beta cells required for transplantation.High levels of sweet smelling acetone on the breath could indicate Type 1 diabetes, say scientists A breath test which will tell parents instantly if their child has Type 1 diabetes has been developed by Oxford University.

ADHD Stimulant Abuse Common Among Young Adults

Reasons for misuse include pressure to succeed at school or work

Baby Mix-up at Hospital Irks Parents

JUBAIL — A hospital in Jubail has been forced to apologize after handing a newborn baby to the wrong parents.

Brain's Dementia Weak Spot Identified

Conceptual computer artwork depicting neurology. From left to right: MRI brain scans, 3D dsi white matter brain scan, brain, Alzheimer's brain versus normal brain, MRI brain scanThe brain has a weak spot for Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia, according to UK scientists who have pinpointed the region using scans. The brain area involved develops late in adolescence and degenerates early during ageing.

Acid Reflux and MSPI

MSPI or Milk Soy Protein Intolerance is a condition in which infants are temporarily unable to digest the proteins found in milk and soy.  These issues with digestion can lead to frequent crying, weight loss, congestion, reflux, repeated vomiting and certain kinds of skin rashes.  These infants may also exhibit colicky symptoms due to the pain from their poor digestion.