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Pharmaceutical industry accelerates efforts to find a Zika vaccine

Image result for Pharmaceutical industry accelerates efforts to find a Zika vaccineA number of pharmaceutical companies are racing to develop a Zika vaccine in the wake of the ongoing spread of the virus globally. Sanofi SA is working to adapt its recently-approved Dengue fever vaccine to immunise against Zike virus, which is also a member of the same family. Sanofi has previously developed vaccines against yellow fever and Japanese encephalitis.

Ministry of Health to require employees to declare assets

file-09-1455048096312398500.jpgRIYADH: The Ministry of Health is considering imposing an asset declaration as well as an absence of interest conflict testimony on its employees as a measure in fighting corruption.

Eye Defects in Some Babies With Zika Microcephaly

Doctors should check these infants with abnormally small heads for vision problems, researchers say Eye defects may occur in babies born with microcephaly that seems to be linked to infection with the mosquito-borne Zika virus, researchers report.

Doctors did it: Muted for 5 years, girl’s voice restored voice restored

file-03-King-Abdullah-Medical-City..jpgMakkah: After five years of silence, a teenage girl got her voice back at King Abdullah Medical City. A number of doctors had earlier told her that she would not get her lost voice back, according to a website.

Narcolepsy boy wins £120k swine flu vaccine damages

Josh HadfieldA boy with a rare sleeping illness caused by a swine flu vaccine has won £120,000 in damages. Josh Hadfield, 10, from Frome in Somerset, developed narcolepsy after receiving the Pandemrix vaccine six years ago.

Osteoporosis Isn't Just for Women

Guys, here's how you can protect your bone health now.

85% Camels Carry MERS: Study

file-02-1454435563686491200.jpgRIYADH: Tests carried out on 112 camels by the Agriculture Ministry have found that 85 percent of the animals carry the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS).

Study finds nutrient may offer women protection against breast cancer

FILE - In this Sunday, May 19, 2013 file photo, a farmer holds grains of wheat in his hands on a field in Fayoum, 60 miles, (100 kilometers), south of Cairo, Egypt. For girls and young women, getting a lot of fiber could pay off decades later with lowered risk of developing breast cancer, according to a large U.S. study.

Deciphering Arthritic Hand Deformities

Just by looking at your hands, you might be able to tell what type of arthritis you have.  All of the joints, bones, ligaments and tendons in the hand get affected in a variety of different ways.  Certain characteristic hand deformities are diagnostic clues.  Here is a list of common hand deformities seen and the corresponding most likely diagnosis. 

Saudi Chemist Invents New Medical Technique

file-01-1454348138347508000.jpgJEDDAH: A Saudi woman has used her expertise in chemistry to develop a new device that can carry drugs to points of inflammation in the body.