• Don't Withhold Feeds After Reduction...

    Added On : 7th November 2011

    Don't Withhold Feeds After Reduction of Intussusception in the ED

    Feeding children within 2 hours after air or contrast enema reduction did not increase risk for complications.

  • Utility of Urinalysis in Evaluation of Adolescent Males...

    Added On : 19th November 2011

    Utility of Urinalysis in Evaluation of Adolescent Males for STIs

    Findings from a retrospective study support empirical treatment and testing for sexually transmitted infections in adolescent males with urinary complaints; urinalysis is unnecessary.

  • Rise in Fatal Overdoses of Prescription Opioid...

    Added On : 3rd December 2011

    Rise in Fatal Overdoses of Prescription Opioid Pain Relievers

    Prescription opioid overdoses kill more people each year than heroin and cocaine overdoses combined.

  • Adult Blunt Splenic Injury: Observation...

    Added On : 16th December 2011

    Adult Blunt Splenic Injury: Observation vs. Splenic Artery Embolization

    Embolization is associated with lower failure rates among patients with the most severe injuries.

  • Death Within 1 Week After ED Discharge

    Added On : 29th December 2011

    In a large study, 1 in 2000 adult patients died within 7 days after ED discharge. Predictors of death included increasing age, noninfectious lung disease, and renal disease.

    To determine the rate and predictors of death within 7 days after emergency department (ED) evaluation in adults, researchers studied data from the Kaiser Permanente system in Southern California and government databases.

  • Severe Chest Pain Does Not Herald...

    Added On : 11th January 2012

    Severe Chest Pain Does Not Herald Worse Outcomes

    In a large study of patients presenting with chest pain, severity of pain did not predict acute myocardial infarction, death, or revascularization.

  • Helium-Oxygen Therapy Improves Bronchiolitis Scores...

    Added On : 25th January 2012

    Helium-Oxygen Therapy Improves Bronchiolitis Scores in Infants Receiving Nebulized Epinephrine

    Improvement was noted on each of two validated severity scores.

  • Admission and Repeat Head CT for Patients...

    Added On : 8th February 2012

    Admission and Repeat Head CT for Patients on Warfarin with Minor Head Injury?

    This approach identifies most delayed intracranial bleeds, but whether it changes patient outcomes and justifies the increased resources is not clear.

  • Intramuscular vs. Intravenous Prehospital Treatment...

    Added On : 22nd February 2012

    Intramuscular vs. Intravenous Prehospital Treatment of Status Epilepticus

    IM midazolam was superior to IV lorazepam for terminating seizures before arrival at the emergency department.

  • Septic Shock? Reach for Norepinephrine...

    Added On : 6th March 2012

    Septic Shock? Reach for Norepinephrine After Fluid Resuscitation

    A meta-analysis shows that dopamine is associated with increased risk for death and arrhythmic events compared with norepinephrine.