Allergy and Immunology News
  • Abha medical city to be in full function by 2021: Emir

    Added On : 26th May 2017

    ABHA — The 1,350-bed King Faisal Medical City in Abha will be fully operational by 2021, said Asir Emir Prince Faisal Bin Khalid following a meeting with health officials. “By 2018, the hospital will have 500 beds,” he said while speaking to reporters.

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  • Childhood Asthma May Encourage Obesity

    Added On : 23rd January 2017

    Image result for Childhood Asthma May Encourage ObesityFear of flare-ups might spur kids to limit physical activity, specialists say

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  • Give peanut to babies early - advice

    Added On : 7th January 2017

    PeanutBabies should be given peanut early - some at four months old - in order to reduce the risk of allergy, according to new US guidance.

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  • Fish Oil For Moms May Cut Kids' Asthma Risk

    Added On : 30th December 2016

    Image result for fishoilHigh doses linked to 30 percent drop in children's odds of developing the airway disease, study finds

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  • New drug brings hope to 2 million asthma patients in Kingdom

    Added On : 4th December 2016

    Chairman of Saudi Thoracic Society Prof. Mohamed Al-Hajjaj, left, and Prof. Omar Osmani during the forum. — SG photoJEDDAH — The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that there are around 235 million people suffering from asthma globally and the Saudi Ministry of Health has announced recently that around 10 percent of adults as well as 20 percent of children in the Kingdom have asthma. This means there are 2 million asthma patients in Saudi Arabia, according to experts at a forum organized by the Saudi Thoracic Society at InterContinental Hotel in Jeddah on Friday.

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  • MOH Implements the 2nd Phase of Linear Particle Accelerator (Cyclotron) Project for Tumor Diagnosis

    Added On : 20th November 2016

    Image result for MOH LOGOThe Ministry of Health (MOH0 has commenced to implement the second phase of Linear Particle Accelerator (Cyclotron) Project. A construction project has been awarded for processing Cyclotron’s location, and then the second phase of Cyclotron Project has been awarded after the location has been processed. 

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  • Skin Patch May Help With Peanut Allergy

    Added On : 30th October 2016

    Image result for Skin Patch May Help With Peanut AllergyDelivering small amounts of peanut protein boosted tolerance for about half of young patients in study

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  • Vitamin D May Cut Risk of Severe Asthma Attacks

    Added On : 7th September 2016

    Image result for Vitamin D May Cut Risk of Severe Asthma AttacksTaking vitamin D supplements alongside asthma medication helps cut the risk of severe asthma attacks, according to a review of scientific studies.

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  • Asthma pill 'promising' for people with severe symptoms

    Added On : 7th August 2016

    file picture - doctor examining lungsAn experimental pill could help adults with severe asthma, an early study in the Lancet Respiratory Medicine journal suggests.

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  • Allergic to dust storms? Take precautions

    Added On : 6th August 2016

    The MENA region has been hit lately with unruly weather, dust storms and a heat wave with extreme temperatures between 45-50 degrees, and then there are thunderstorms, hail and heavy rain that have even caused devastating flash floods in some areas of Saudi Arabia. High summer temperatures are normal for the area but are still very difficult to bear for many. Not only do these high temperatures make it difficult to go on with day to day errands, chores and work schedules, it’s the dust that is causing allergies with symptoms such as sneezing, irritant cough, breathlessness, nose bleeds, itchy eyes, stuffy nose and sinuses causing headaches. Between 500 million and five billion tons of dust moves around the planet every year, each gram of dust carries millions of bacterial cells. 

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