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  • Saudi consumers use health apps, wearables to manage their health

    Added On : 23rd May 2017

    Image result for health apps, wearables to manage their healthRIYADH – Many consumers in Saudi Arabia are turning to mobile apps and wearables to manage their health, according to the results of a survey by Accenture, a leading global professional services company.

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  • Cigarettes sold in plain green packs under new rules

    Added On : 23rd May 2017

    New standardised packaging for cigarettes and tobaccoNew rules have come into force which mean cigarettes and tobacco must be sold in plain green packets and carry graphic health warnings.

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  • 'Fat but fit is a big fat myth'

    Added On : 18th May 2017

    sketches of people of different weightsThe idea that people can be fat but medically fit is a myth, say experts speaking in Portugal.

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  • Robot completes delicate eye surgery in first

    Added On : 11th May 2017

    air009/ShutterstockIn a medical first, surgeons have used a robot to operate inside the human eye , greatly improving the accuracy of a delicate surgery to remove fine membrane growth on the retina . Such growth distorts vision and, if left unchecked, can lead to blindness in the affected eye.

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  • Knee 'Crackle' Might Mean Arthritis is Coming

    Added On : 7th May 2017

    Image result for Knee 'Crackle' Might Mean Arthritis is ComingIt could mean arthritis is coming

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  • Successful Diagnosis and Treatment of Rare Case at Maternity and Children Hospital in Najran

    Added On : 4th May 2017

    Image result for MOH LOGOThanks to Allah, the Maternity and Children Hospital in Najran has successfully managed to handle a case of a lady in her third decade of life with vaginal bleeding for two days, given that she had given four previous births. She had undergone pregnancy test, which showed positive result and high level of pregnancy hormone in blood, and the abdominal CT scan also showed intrauterine pregnancy and a mass in the left side of the uterus. The transvaginal ultrasound revealed the existence of an intrauterine pregnancy bag, as well as extrauterine or ectopic pregnancy in the left fallopian tube, with blood pooling in the pelvis, and the case had been diagnosed of a joint pregnancy (inside and outside the uterus, with internal bleeding. Immediately, a diagnostic operation was performed on the abdomen, the left fallopian tube was removed, the bleeding was controlled, the abdomen was closed and the uterus was emptied.  Besides, the case was monitored until she has been discharged from the hospital, may Allah be praised.

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  • MOH Completes Demographic and Health Survey across All Health Sectors in Asir at Rate of 100%

    Added On : 3rd May 2017

    Image result for MOH LOGOThe Ministry of Health (MOH) has completed its Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) across all health sectors in Asir region at a rate of 100%. The survey was conducted by 60 teams, who visited 3,154 households and families representing the targeted number of the DHS in the region.

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  • Smartphone 'orders' body to treat diabetes

    Added On : 30th April 2017

    Smartphone controls mice cellsScientists have used a smartphone to control the activity of the living cells inside an animal.

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  • Saudi Launch of New Education Program Designed For Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

    Added On : 27th April 2017

    Physicians and hospital systems in Saudi Arabia now have access to an innovative program that leverages the latest science and technology to provide education, resources and practical tools needed to prevent cardiovascular diseases in individuals at risk throughout the country.

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  • MOH Launches First Health Initiative of National Transformation Program 2020

    Added On : 26th April 2017

    Image result for MOH LOGOAs part of the National Transformation Program (NTP) 2020 and in the presence of His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, the Ministry of Health (MOH) will launch today, Sunday, its first initiative titled "Health Care Model". It comes within a series of initiatives to be launched later and aims at developing and implementing new approach to provide the health care that ensures maintaining health, not only treating the disease so that the role of individual, society and its institutions is integrated with the role of service provides in order to ensure access to health care in accordance with the best health practices.

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