• Scientists say they've found a link between breast-feeding, lower risk of MS

    Added On : 15th July 2017

    The authors stress that they've found a link but didn't establish a cause. Women are most likely to develop multiple sclerosis during their childbearing years—after they hit puberty and before menopause. And recent studies show that oral contraceptive use and levels of sex hormones impact a woman's risk, while women who already have the chronic autoimmune disease are less likely to relapse when they're pregnant or breastfeeding, reports the International Business Times.

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  • Study provides new insights into male pattern baldness

    Added On : 14th July 2017

    senior man with baldnessMale pattern baldness is the most common form of hair loss among aging men. New research sheds light on hair growth mechanisms that could pave the way for new treatments for male baldness.

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  • Sleep Disturbances Linked to Alzheimer’s Risk

    Added On : 13th July 2017

    Image result for Sleep Disturbances Linked to Alzheimer’s RiskHere’s another reason to get a good night’s sleep: Interrupting a deep phase of sleep appears to cause more of the proteins associated with Alzheimer’s disease to collect in your brain, a new study from researchers at Washington University concludes.

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  • Contaminated blood scandal inquiry announced

    Added On : 12th July 2017

    Donated bloodA UK-wide inquiry will be held into the contaminated blood scandal that left at least 2,400 people dead, the prime minister has confirmed.

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  • Cancer vaccines help patients get tumor-free in 2 studies

    Added On : 11th July 2017

    "Many other cancers might benefit from this approach," Wu said. Cancer vaccines — which are intended to help patients fight cancer by enlisting the individuals' own immune systems to attack cancer cells —showed promise in two small new studies.

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  • Recurring Gut Infections on the Rise: Study

    Added On : 10th July 2017

    Image result for Recurring Gut Infections on the Rise: StudyRecurring Clostridium difficile intestinal infections are rising sharply in the United States, researchers warn.

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  • Spreading cancer caught on film

    Added On : 9th July 2017

    Image result for Spreading cancer caught on filmThe way in which every single cancer cell spreads around the body has been captured in videos by a team in Japan.

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  • Maternal sugar intake linked to allergic asthma in offspring

    Added On : 8th July 2017

    variety of sugarsNew research finds links between a mother's consumption of sugars during pregnancy and the risk of her offspring developing asthma.

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  • Sleep Problems: A Warning Sign of Alzheimer's?

    Added On : 7th July 2017

    Image result for Sleep Problems: A Warning Sign of Alzheimer's?Small study found an association but didn't prove link

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  • Sharp focus on Alzheimer's may help target drugs

    Added On : 6th July 2017

    Elderly manAbnormal deposits that build up in the brain during Alzheimer's have been pictured in unprecedented detail by UK scientists.

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