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Ahad Rafeeda residents call for healthcare push

Added On : 19th March 2017

Ministry of HealthABHA – The residents of Ahad Rafeeda in the southern Asir region have called upon the authorities to establish specialized centers for the treatment of cancer, dental diseases and renal failure. They called for more primary healthcare centers to meet requirements of the city›s growing population.

Ahad Rafeeda, which has a population of 150,000, lacked adequate healthcare facilities, said Abdulaziz Abdullah Bin Samman, a tribal chief.

“We are in need of a dialyses center to serve kidney patients,” Bin Samman told Okaz/Saudi Gazette. Ayed Bin Jehrash called for the establishment of a dental center in Ahad Rafeeda. “The number of primary healthcare centers in the governorate is fewer than what is required and this has forced its people having limited income to visit private hospitals and clinics,” he pointed out.

Ali Bin Hadal emphasized the need to establish a medical tower near the new public hospital in order to meet growing healthcare requirements of the people.

“We also need a cardiology center as well as a tumor center to help patients who now travel long distances to get necessary treatment,” Hadal said.

He urged the Health Ministry to establish an advanced healthcare center in place of the old hospital. “Three existing healthcare centers are not enough for Ahad Rafeeda. The governorate’s western, eastern and southern parts lack healthcare facilities,” he added.

Mushabib Bin Hamad said the new hospital in Ahad Rafeeda should have sufficient outpatient clinics, advanced medical equipment and experienced doctors including specialists and consultants as well as technicians.

“We hope the ministry will look into the health requirements of Ahad Rafeeda,” he said.


Khaled Al-Mureeh - Saudi Gazette