• Medical Oncology

    Medical Oncology (MO) communicates the results of clinical and experimental research in oncology and hematology, particularly experimental therapeutics within the fields of immunotherapy and chemotherapy. It also provides state-of-the-art reviews on clinical and experimental therapies. Topics covered include immunobiology, pathogenesis, and treatment of malignant tumors.  

  • Advances in Hematology

    Advances in Hematology is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, and clinical studies in all areas of hematology.

  • Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma and Leukemia

    Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma & Leukemia is a peer-reviewed bimonthly journal that publishes original articles describing various aspects of clinical and translational research of lymphoma, myeloma and leukemia. Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma & Leukemia is devoted to articles on detection, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of lymphoma, myeloma, leukemia and related disorders including macroglobulinemia, amyloidosis, and plasma-cell dyscrasias. The main emphasis is on recent scientific developments in all areas related to lymphoma, myeloma and leukemia. Specific areas of interest include clinical research and mechanistic approaches; drug sensitivity and resistance; gene and antisense therapy; pathology, markers, and prognostic indicators; chemoprevention strategies; multimodality therapy; and integration of various approaches.

  • Seminars in Thrombosis and Hemostasis

    Seminars in Thrombosis & Hemostasis is a topic driven review journal that focuses on all issues relating to hemostatic and thrombotic disorders. As one of the premiere review journals in the field, Seminars in Thrombosis & Hemostasis serves as a comprehensive forum for important advances in clinical and laboratory diagnosis and therapeutic interventions.

  • Thrombosis Journal

    Thrombosis Journal  is an open-access journal that publishes original articles on aspects of clinical and basic research, new methodology, case reports and reviews in the areas of thrombosis. Topics of particular interest include the diagnosis of arterial and venous thrombosis, new antithrombotic treatments, new developments in the understanding, diagnosis and treatments of atherosclerotic vessel disease, relations between haemostasis and vascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, immunology and obesity.

  • Anemia

    Anemia is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, and clinical studies related to all aspects of anemia.

  • Cancer Control

    Cancer Control is a peer-reviewed journal contains articles on the spectrum of actions and approaches needed to reduce the impact of human malignancy.

  • Thrombosis Research

    Thrombosis Research is an international journal with a goal of rapid dissemination of new information on thrombosis, hemostasis, and vascular biology to advance science and clinical care. The Journal publishes peer-reviewed original research, along with reviews, editorials, and opinions and critics. Both basic and clinical studies are published. Publication of research which will lead to novel approaches in diagnosis, therapy, prognosis and prevention of thrombotic and hemorrhagic diseases is given high priority. This Journal is affiliated to the European and Mediterranean League against Thrombotic Diseases (EMLTD), the North American Thrombosis Forum (NATF), and the Hemostasis and Thrombosis Research Society (HTRS).

  • Leukemia Research

    Leukemia Research is an international journal which brings comprehensive and current information to all health care professionals involved in basic and (or) applied clinical research in leukemias, lymphomas, multiple myeloma and other hematologic malignancies. The editors encourage the submission of articles relevant to normal and leukemic hemopoiesis, biochemistry, cell biology, immunology and molecular biology as well as epidemiologic and clinical studies.

  • Expert Review of Hematology

    Advanced molecular research techniques have transformed hematology in recent years. With improved understanding of hematologic diseases, we now have the opportunity to research and evaluate new biological therapies, new drugs and drug combinations, new treatment schedules and novel approaches including stem cell transplantation. We can also expect proteomics, molecular genetics and biomarker research to facilitate new diagnostic approaches and the identification of appropriate therapies. Further advances in our knowledge regarding the formation and function of blood cells and blood-forming tissues should ensue, and it will be a major challenge for hematologists to adopt these new paradigms and develop integrated strategies to define the best possible patient care. Expert Review of Hematology puts these advances in context and explores how they will translate directly into clinical practice.