Allergy and Immunology News
  • FDA OKs Nasal Spray to Reverse Painkiller Overdose

    Added On : 20th November 2015

    Drug marketed as Narcan offers new treatment option for family members or first responders

    A nasal spray that treats narcotic painkiller and heroin drug overdoses has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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  • EVD68 No Deadlier for Kids Than Other Viruses

    Added On : 12th November 2015

    CDC still doesn't know if unusual paralysis cases are caused by this virus

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  • Grandkids’ Asthma Linked to Grandma’s Smoking

    Added On : 2nd November 2015

    Risk is heightened even if child's mother didn't smoke, research suggests

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  • How to Dodge Your Fall Allergies

    Added On : 26th October 2015

    Seasonal allergies aren't life-threatening, but they do make 50 million people in the U.S. miserable. And fall is no exception for hay fever. Dani Dumitriu can tell you all about it. 

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  • Study links asthma to low levels of gut bacteria in newborns

    Added On : 13th October 2015

    Small newborn baby.jpgScientists have linked the dearth of four types of gut bacteria to asthma, the respiratory disease that has risen explosively in the past 50 years and now afflicts up to a fifth of children in Western countries.

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  • Infections, Not Clumsiness, Cause Many Falls

    Added On : 11th October 2015

    Image result for Infections, Not Clumsiness, Cause Many FallsIllness can lower blood pressure, lead to dizziness, researchers say

    People arriving at the emergency room for a fall may be there due to an underlying infection rather than clumsiness, a new study suggests.

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  • Asthma Steroids 'Could Stunt Growth'

    Added On : 3rd October 2015

    Young boyYoung children given asthma medication before the age of two may not grow to their full height in later life, a preliminary report suggests.

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  • Kids with asthma fare worse when they live with smokers

    Added On : 29th September 2015

    2015-09-24T204739Z_1_LYNXNPEB8N16A_3_CHINA-POLLUTION-PARLIAMENT.JPGKids with asthma are more likely to have breathing problems and be hospitalized when they live with a smoker, a research review suggests.

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  • Furry pets 'enrich' gut bacteria of infants at risk for allergies

    Added On : 17th September 2015

    child_dog_640.jpgIn a small, preliminary study, infants in households with furry pets were found to share some of the animals' gut bacteria - possibly explaining why early animal exposure may protect against some allergies, researchers say.

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  • Too Little Sleep May Quadruple Your Risk for Colds

    Added On : 1st September 2015

    Image for the news resultFewer than six hours a night linked to higher rate of illness, researchers say

    When you're run down from lack of sleep, you really are more apt to catch a cold, a new study finds.

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