• Even one drink a day increases stroke risk, study finds

    Added On : 7th April 2019

    Even light-to-moderate drinking increases blood pressure and the chances of having a stroke, according to a large genetic study in The Lancet, countering previous claims that one or two drinks a day could be protective.

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  • Detailed images of baby heart inside the womb

    Added On : 26th March 2019

    Researchers have produced unprecedented images of a baby's heart while it is still inside the womb.

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  • Cholesterol-lowering pill 'new option for statin users'

    Added On : 17th March 2019

    A new type of drug - called bempedoic acid - could offer another weapon in the fight against bad cholesterol.

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  • One cardiologist's mission to reduce statin use for cholesterol

    Added On : 9th January 2019

    Dr. Elizabeth Klodas is a practicing cardiologist in Minneapolis and the creator of Step One Foods. This piece represents her views and not necessarily those of CNN.

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  • Mexican tetra fish may offer heart repair clues

    Added On : 22nd November 2018

    The Mexican tetra fish that lives in the rivers of Northern Mexico can heal its heart, while its cave-dwelling relative cannot

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  • Elevated calcium levels raise heart attack risk

    Added On : 26th July 2017

    Image result for Elevated calcium levels raise heart attack riskHigher calcium levels in the bloodstream determine a person's increased risk of developing coronary artery disease and heart attack, a new study suggests.

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  • CT Scans Might Help Gauge Heart Attack Risk

    Added On : 17th July 2017

    Image result for CT Scans Might Help Gauge Heart Attack RiskResearchers aim to identify vulnerable patients before damage becomes irreversible

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  • Energy drinks may be risky for people with genetic heart condition

    Added On : 17th May 2017

    Ash Pollard/ShutterstockConsuming energy drinks may be particularly risky for people with a certain genetic heart condition, a new study from Australia suggests.

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  • 'Heart attack risk' for common painkillers

    Added On : 13th May 2017

    Image result for 'Heart attack risk' for common painkillersA fresh study suggests there may be a link between taking high doses of common anti-inflammatory painkillers - such as ibuprofen - and heart attacks.

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  • Non-O blood group 'linked to higher heart attack risk'

    Added On : 4th May 2017

    A woman having chest painPeople with a non-O blood group have a slightly increased risk of heart attack and stroke, research suggests.

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