• New Heart Drug Guidelines Efficient and Cost Effective

    Added On : 15th July 2015

    heartbeat.jpgNew guidelines for prescribing cholesterol-lowering medications are efficient and cost-effective, according to two new studies. 

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  • FDA Strengthens Warning on NSAIDs and Heart Risk

    Added On : 11th July 2015

    Image result for FDA Strengthens Warning on NSAIDs and Heart RiskPopular painkillers like ibuprofen and naproxen have carried warnings for years about potential risks of heart attacks and strokes. This week, the FDA decided to strengthen those warnings on the medications, known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs.

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  • Migraines and Link to Higher Heart Disease Risk

    Added On : 5th July 2015

    Image result for Migraines and Link to Higher Heart Disease RiskStudy suggests non-genetic factors may be what increases risk

    People who have migraines have a greater risk for heart disease, but their genes may not be to blame for the connection, new research suggests.

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  • 24% of Deaths Due to Heart Disease

    Added On : 21st June 2015

    file-20-heart.jpgRIYADH: Heart diseases are blamed for 24 percent of all deaths in the Kingdom whereas 55 percent of the Saudi population is prone to face high cholesterol blood levels, Saudi medical experts said, quoting data released by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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  • Herpes Virus Tied to Angina Risk, Study Suggests

    Added On : 16th June 2015

    Image result for Herpes Virus Tied to Angina RiskBut researchers note that only 1 percent of people has the virus strain hidden in their DNA

    There seems to be a higher risk of angina -- chest pain related to clogged blood vessels -- in the small number of people who have a type of herpes virus lurking in their genes, a new study suggests.

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  • Depression Increases Risk of Dying in Heart Patients

    Added On : 26th May 2015

    Image result for Depression increases risk of dying in heart patientsThere is mounting evidence to suggest that mental health affects not only our minds and moods, but also our overall health and well-being. One area in particular that we have seen psychiatric conditions wreak havoc the cardiovascular system.

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  • No problem with artificial heart fundamentals despite death, manufacturer says

    Added On : 10th May 2015

    694940094001_1039381710001_Heart-ECG.jpgThe artificial heart fitted in a patient who died on Saturday malfunctioned due to a fault with the controls of its motor, but an initial analysis indicates there are no fundamental problems with the device, its manufacturer Carmat said in a statement. 

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  • Heart Failure Implant and Weaker Memory, Thinking

    Added On : 6th May 2015

    Research suggests left ventricular assist devices aren't a magic bullet

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  • Drug May Lower Cholesterol, Heart Attack Risk

    Added On : 27th April 2015

    Adding the 'investigational biologic' evolocumab to statin therapy works better, study says

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  • Short people more likely to develop coronary diseases

    Added On : 17th April 2015

    Image result for Short people more likely to develop coronary diseasesShort people face a greater risk of developing a coronary heart disease. This is the outcome of a British study published in the "New England Journal of Medicine".

    Scientists from the University of Leicester analysed data from 200,000 people with and without coronary heart diseases. They found that that every 6.5 cm, respectively 2.5 inches change in height, affects the likelihood of a coronary heart disease by 13.5 per cent. Thus, a 152 centimetre tall person had a 32 per cent higher risk of disease than someone who was almost 168 centimetres tall.

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