• Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine: FDA approves single-shot jab

    Added On : 2nd March 2021

    US regulators have formally approved the single-shot Johnson & Johnson (J&J) coronavirus vaccine, the third jab to be authorised in the country.


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  • Covax vaccine-sharing scheme delivers first doses to Ghana

    Added On : 1st March 2021

    Ghana has become the first country to receive coronavirus vaccines through the Covax vaccine-sharing initiative.

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  • Covid vaccines - 'spectacular' impact on serious illness

    Added On : 28th February 2021

    The first data on the UK Covid vaccine rollout suggests it is having a "spectacular" impact on stopping serious illness, researchers say.

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  • Covid-19: World's first human challenge trials to start in UK

    Added On : 18th February 2021

    Healthy, young volunteers will be infected with coronavirus to test vaccines and treatments in the world's first Covid-19 "human challenge" study, which will take place in the UK.

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  • Another new coronavirus variant seen in the UK

    Added On : 17th February 2021

    Scientists have identified another new variant of coronavirus in the UK with some potentially troubling mutations.

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  • Covid: Claims vaccinations harm fertility unfounded

    Added On : 15th February 2021

    Claims on social media that the Covid vaccine could affect female fertility are unfounded, experts have said.

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  • Covid: WHO backs Oxford vaccine 'even if variants present'

    Added On : 14th February 2021

    The World Health Organization recommends using the vaccine developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca even in countries tackling new variants of coronavirus.

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  • Pandemic means young people face cancer treatment alone

    Added On : 11th February 2021

    Covid restrictions have made this year much tougher for young people already dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

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  • Study reveals extent of Covid vaccine side-effects

    Added On : 9th February 2021

    About one in three people recently given a Covid vaccine by the NHS report some side-effects.

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  • Oxford vaccine could substantially cut spread

    Added On : 8th February 2021

    The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine could lead to a "substantial" fall in the spread of the virus, say scientists.

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