• Tinnitus biobank needed to explain ringing ears condition

    Added On : 9th February 2022

    The UK urgently needs a biobank library of human tissue samples so experts can study and find better treatments, or a cure, for "ringing in the ears", says the British Tinnitus Association (BTA).

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  • Blood pressure warning over long-term paracetamol use

    Added On : 8th February 2022

    People with high blood pressure who take paracetamol on prescription could be increasing their risk of heart attacks and strokes, a study suggests.

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  • Novavax Covid jab approved by UK drugs regulator

    Added On : 6th February 2022

    The UK has approved a fifth Covid-19 vaccine, developed by US company Novavax, which offers up to 89% protection against Covid illness.

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  • Unvaccinated man denied heart transplant by Boston hospital

    Added On : 31st January 2022

    A US hospital has rejected a patient for a heart transplant at least in part because he is not vaccinated against Covid-19.

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  • Small period changes after Covid jab seen to be short-lived

    Added On : 30th January 2022

    Small changes to periods can follow a Covid vaccine but they quickly return to normal, a leading UK menstruation expert has said.

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  • Two-thirds with Omicron say they have had Covid before

    Added On : 27th January 2022

    Two-thirds of people recently infected with the Omicron variant say they had already had Covid previously.

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  • Pfizer and BioNTech start trials of new Omicron-specific jab

    Added On : 26th January 2022

    Pfizer and BioNTech have started clinical trials of a new Covid vaccine which targets the Omicron variant.

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  • Endemic Covid: Is the pandemic entering its endgame?

    Added On : 25th January 2022

    Who hasn't let out an exasperated "Is the pandemic finished yet?" or a "When can I just get on with my life?" over the past two years? I know I have.

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  • Tonga tsunami: Health warnings over toxic volcanic ash and sulphur

    Added On : 24th January 2022

    Experts are trying to assess the impact of volcanic ash and toxic sulphuric gases in the air after a volcano erupted in Tonga on Saturday.

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  • Millions are dying from drug-resistant infections, global report says

    Added On : 23rd January 2022

    More than 1.2 million people died worldwide in 2019 from infections caused by bacteria resistant to antibiotics, according to the largest study of the issue to date.

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