• Covid-19: Chinese vaccine 'successful in mid-stage trials'

    Added On : 19th November 2020

    A Covid-19 vaccine developed in China has shown success in mid-stage trials, researchers say.

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  • Moderna: Covid vaccine shows nearly 95% protection

    Added On : 18th November 2020

    A new vaccine that protects against Covid-19 is nearly 95% effective, early data from US company Moderna shows.

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  • Covid vaccine: Major new trial starts in UK

    Added On : 16th November 2020

    A major trial of a vaccine to protect against Covid-19 has launched in the UK - the third such trial in the country.

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  • Coronavirus: New York imposes measures in 'last chance' against new wave

    Added On : 15th November 2020

    New York has introduced new restrictions aimed at curbing coronavirus, with Mayor Bill de Blasio warning it was the city's "last chance" to stop a second wave.

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  • Russian Covid vaccine shows encouraging results

    Added On : 12th November 2020

    Early results from trials of a Covid vaccine developed in Russia suggest it could be 92% effective.

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  • Covid vaccine: First 'milestone' vaccine offers 90% protection

    Added On : 11th November 2020

    The first effective coronavirus vaccine can prevent more than 90% of people from getting Covid-19, a preliminary analysis shows.

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  • Covid-19: Global coronavirus cases pass 50 million

    Added On : 10th November 2020

    The total of confirmed coronavirus cases has surged past 50 million following record numbers of new cases in several countries.

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  • Poor diet: Children 20cm shorter as a result, analysis says

    Added On : 9th November 2020

    Poor diets for school-age children may contribute to an average height gap of 20cm (7.9in) between the tallest and shortest nations, an analysis suggests.

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  • Covid-19: How a 'warm vaccine' could help India tackle coronavirus

    Added On : 8th November 2020

    In India's boiling summers, temperatures can easily rise to 50C (122F).

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  • Earwax test could reveal stress levels

    Added On : 5th November 2020

    Your earwax could be a window into your mental health, researchers have suggested.

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