• New Diagnoses for Genetic Diseases...

    Added On : 7th November 2013

    1383746014239468900.jpgNew Diagnoses for Genetic Diseases Highlighted

    A major genetic diseases conference kicked off here with 15 local and international speakers highlighting the latest diagnostic technology.

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  • Novel Stem Cell Technique May Transform...

    Added On : 11th October 2013

    Foregut stem cell.jpgNovel Stem Cell Technique May Transform Liver and Pancreatic Transplant Therapies

    Researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed a new technique for creating stem cells of the human liver and pancreas – a breakthrough that could significantly transform the future of transplant therapies.

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  • Genepeeks Firm to Offer 'Digital Baby' Screen...

    Added On : 7th October 2013

    NewbornGenepeeks Firm to Offer 'Digital Baby' Screen for Sperm Donors

    A service that digitally weaves together the DNA of prospective parents to check for potential disease in thousands of "virtual babies" is set to launch in the US by December.

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  • Frequent Cold Sores Tied to Genetic Mutation

    Added On : 22nd September 2013

    Many people carry herpes virus without developing telltale blisters

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  • Stem Cells: Living Adult Tissue Transformed Back...

    Added On : 14th September 2013

    Stem cellsStem Cells: Living Adult Tissue Transformed Back into Embryo State

    The living tissue inside an animal has been regressed back into an embryonic state for the first time, Spanish researchers say.

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  • Reprogrammed Stem Cells Grown...

    Added On : 12th September 2013

    Reprogrammed Stem Cells Grown Inside Living Mice

    Researchers have successfully reprogrammed cells in a living animal for the first time to create stem cells that have the ability to grow into any tissue found in the body.

    The stem cells, known as induced pluripotent stem cells, were found to be simlar to cells found in embryos during the early stages of development.

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  • Undoing Down syndrome?

    Added On : 5th September 2013

    Chromosomes DNA genes istock.jpgUndoing Down syndrome? Compound Reverses Learning Deficits in Mice with Trisomy 21 Traits

    For people with trisomy 21 – more commonly known as Down syndrome – learning and remembering important concepts can be a struggle, since some of their brain’s structures do not develop as fully as they should.

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  • Gene Discovered That Could Cure Jet Lag

    Added On : 30th August 2013

    A gene has been discovered which stops our body clock from resetting, paving the way for new drugs to combat jet lag

    The gene slows our body's adaptation to new time zones, the team from the University of Oxford found, acting as a safety mechanism to prevent our internal clock from getting out of synch, a process which is linked to chronic diseases.

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  • Miniature 'Human Brain' Grown in Lab

    Added On : 29th August 2013

    Miniature "human brains" have been grown in a lab in a feat scientists hope will transform the understanding of neurological disorders.

    The pea-sized structures reached the same level of development as in a nine-week-old foetus, but are incapable of thought.

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  • Sense of Smell Determined by Genes...

    Added On : 3rd August 2013

    Heart, lungs and blood appear to have olfactorySense of Smell Determined by Genes, Study Says

    Ability to detect certain scents is highly individual, research suggests

    Genetic differences appear to explain why some people can smell certain odors and others can't, researchers say.

    Using 10 different odors, the researchers tested nearly 200 people for their smell sensitivity and then analyzed the participants' DNA. For four of the odors tested, there was a link between smell sensitivity and certain genetic variants.

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