• Many Early Colon Cancers Linked to Inherited Genes

    Added On : 18th December 2016

    Image result for Many Early Colon Cancers Linked to Inherited GenesOne in 6 diagnosed under 50 has at least one gene mutation that ups risk, study says

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  • Smoking 'causes hundreds of DNA changes'

    Added On : 4th November 2016

    CigarettesSmoking leaves an "archaeological record" of the hundreds of DNA mutations it causes, scientists have discovered.

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  • National Guard to host key forum on stem cell science

    Added On : 28th August 2016

    RIYADH: Stem cell science, which holds the promise to provide lifesaving treatments, will be the focus of a major conference to be organized by the Ministry of National Guard in the Saudi capital on Sept. 19. 

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  • Clinics Selling Unapproved Stem Cell 'Therapies'

    Added On : 5th July 2016

    Image result for Clinics Selling Unapproved Stem Cell 'Therapies'Study identifies hot spots around the country

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  • 'Superhero DNA' Keeps Diseases at Bay

    Added On : 13th April 2016

    Superhero DNASome people appear to be born with 'superhero DNA' that cancels out genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis, say researchers.

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  • Promising lab-grown skin sprouts hair and grows glands

    Added On : 4th April 2016

    transplanted cells with hair growing from themScientists in Japan have successfully transplanted mice with lab-grown skin that has more of the organ's working parts in place than ever before.

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  • MoH Program Uses Genetic Profiling for Drug Accuracy

    Added On : 26th March 2016

    file-25-Ministry-of-Health---MOH---Logo.jpgRIYADH: The Ministry of Health announced the launch of a new program that aims to determine suitable medicines for each patient through genetic analysis. This revolutionary step comes after recent studies showed the links between patient's widely varied responses to particular drugs of the same kind.

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  • High anxiety risk in adolescence linked to single gene

    Added On : 24th March 2016

     Anxiety disorders often emerge in adolescence, when the brain goes through massive changes and new genes are expressed. Now, researchers have found a gene that may be a factor in the general peak of anxiety during this time.

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  • Genetic Disease Named After Saudi Doctor

    Added On : 26th February 2016

    file-24-disease.jpgJEDDAH: John Hopkins University has named a new genetic disease after a Saudi woman doctor for contributing to research around the illness.

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  • Embryo Gene Editing Gets Go-Ahead in U.K.

    Added On : 2nd February 2016

    BlastocystThe group that oversees the use of embryos in fertility research and treatment in the United Kingdom has become the first in the world to approve gene editing of human embryos.

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