• Covid: 'No evidence' schools spread lots of coronavirus

    Added On : 16th February 2021

    Schools do not appear to play a big role in spreading coronavirus, say UK researchers who have studied teacher and pupil absences during the pandemic.

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  • Covid: South Korea launches test for pet cats and dogs

    Added On : 10th February 2021

    Pet cats and dogs in the capital city of South Korea will be tested for Covid-19 if they show symptoms, the Seoul metropolitan government has said.

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  • Covid: Antibodies last at least six months in most

    Added On : 7th February 2021

    As many as 88% of people still have antibodies in their blood to fight Covid-19 six months after infection, a study of almost 1,700 people suggests.

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  • Covid: Israel's vaccine rollout linked to infection fall

    Added On : 2nd February 2021

    Israel's vaccination programme is showing signs of working to drive down infections and illness in the over-60s.

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  • Covid: 'Convalescent plasma no benefit to hospital patients'

    Added On : 18th January 2021

    A potential treatment for Covid using blood plasma does not reduce deaths among hospital patients, trials show.

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  • Moderna becomes third Covid vaccine approved in the UK

    Added On : 11th January 2021

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said it is "excellent news" that a third coronavirus vaccine has been approved for use in the UK

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  • Covid-19: New variant 'raises R number by up to 0.7'

    Added On : 3rd January 2021

    The new variant of Covid-19 is "hugely" more transmissible than the virus's previous version, a study has found.

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  • Covid: WHO to investigate virus origins in China's Wuhan

    Added On : 21st December 2020

    A team of 10 international scientists will travel to the Chinese city of Wuhan next month to investigate the origins of Covid-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said.

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  • Covid vaccine: More than 130,000 vaccinated in UK in first week

    Added On : 20th December 2020

    More than 130,000 people have been vaccinated in the first week of the UK's vaccination programme.

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  • Covid vaccine: GPs in England to begin offering Pfizer jab

    Added On : 15th December 2020

    Covid vaccinations will start being given to patients from GP surgeries in England as part of the next stage of the rollout of the programme.

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