• Life-saving organ transplant opportunities being missed

    Added On : 5th September 2019

    As many as 2,500 more organs could be made available for transplant in the UK if families spoke more openly about donating after death, says the NHS Blood and Transplant organisation.

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  • Cancer 'biggest middle-age killer in rich nations'

    Added On : 4th September 2019

    Cancer now causes more deaths among the middle-aged in higher-income countries than cardiovascular disease, a study suggests.

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  • Kidney condition detected in minutes by app

    Added On : 1st August 2019

    A mobile phone app has speeded up the detection of a potentially fatal kidney condition in hospital patients.

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  • Bladder cancer 'attacked and killed by common cold virus'

    Added On : 7th July 2019

    A strain of the common cold virus can infect and kill bladder cancer cells, a small study suggests.

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  • Lesbian women cervical screening myth is 'dangerous'

    Added On : 2nd July 2019

    The "dangerous myth" that gay and bisexual women cannot get cervical cancer means thousands could be missing out on screening, NHS England says.

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  • 'Living drug' offers hope to terminal blood cancer patients

    Added On : 24th June 2019

    NHS patients with lymphoma have for the first time been given a pioneering treatment that genetically reprogrammes their immune system to fight cancer.

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  • Prostate cancer screening scan hope

    Added On : 11th June 2019

    Hundreds of UK men are trying out a new screening test for prostate cancer to see if it should eventually be offered routinely on the NHS.

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  • I lost my arms and legs - stop it happening to others

    Added On : 27th May 2019

    A man who woke from a coma to discover both his arms and legs had been amputated and part of his face removed has called for mandatory training on sepsis for NHS staff.

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  • Bowel cancer rates rising 'among young adults'

    Added On : 19th May 2019

    More young people under 50 are being diagnosed with bowel cancer, two studies of the disease in European and high-income countries have found.

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  • New cancer-causing toxin found in recalled blood pressure pills

    Added On : 3rd March 2019

    The drugs, including losartan, belong to a class of widely used medicines for treating high blood pressure called angiotensin II receptor blockers, or ARBs


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