• Vaccine could virtually eliminate cervical cancer: study

    Added On : 21st February 2019

    Transmitted sexually, HPV is extremely common and includes more than 100 types of virus, at least 14 of them cancer-causing

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  • Some HRT tablets 'linked to higher blood clot risk'

    Added On : 14th January 2019

    Women taking certain types of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) tablets could be more at risk from serious blood clots - although the overall risk is low, BMJ research suggests.

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  • 'Virtual tumour' new way to see cancer

    Added On : 30th December 2018

    An avatar of a scientist exploring a 3D tumour in a virtual reality laboratory

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  • Zainab Mughal: Toddler with cancer spurs hunt for rare blood

    Added On : 9th December 2018

    A two-year-old US girl who needs several blood transfusions to fight cancer has spurred a global campaign to search for compatible donors.

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  • Son, this mom turned to polio survivors for answers

    Added On : 4th December 2018

    Bailey Sheehan's physical therapist, Melissa Murray, researched care for children with polio to help Bailey recover from AFM

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  • Type 2 diabetes: Blood glucose testing of little value to some patients

    Added On : 12th June 2017

    blood glucose testingMany patients with type 2 diabetes consider finger-prick blood tests key for keeping blood glucose levels under control. But according to a new study, they are unlikely to be beneficial for patients who are not receiving insulin therapy.

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  • MOH Provides Medical Tips to Patients with Hypertension

    Added On : 2nd June 2017

    The Ministry of Health (MOH) called upon patients with hypertension to see a doctor before commencing to fast; in order to determine their ability to fast.

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  • Conflicting Statin Guidelines Create Confusion

    Added On : 20th April 2017

    Image result for Conflicting Statin Guidelines Create ConfusionDoctors, patients often confused by differing advisories on the cholesterol-lowering drugs

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  • High Thyroid Hormone Levels and Stiffer Arteries

    Added On : 6th April 2017

    Image result for High Thyroid Hormone Levels and Stiffer ArteriesMeasuring these levels might help identify people at risk of heart disease, researcher says

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  • Spider venom may offer stroke therapy

    Added On : 22nd March 2017

    Funnel web spider being milkedA protein in spider venom may help protect the brain from injury after a stroke, according to research.

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