• KSA 3rd in world obesity ranking

    Added On : 7th August 2016

    RIYADH: The Lancet has placed the Kingdom in the third position in the world, after Malta and Swaziland, in terms of obesity and laziness, triggering warnings from Saudi experts. 

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  • Simple habits such as a daily walk can make a big difference in reducing complications of diabetes

    Added On : 3rd July 2016

    Eye disease is one of the most serious and common complications of Type 2 diabetes - the chronic disease associated with obesity and lack of physical activity. If left untreated, diabetic eye disease can lead to blindness. With the rates of diabetes in the Middle East estimated by the World Health Organisation to be the highest in the world, blindness from the disease is becoming an increasing problem. This is compounded by the fact that almost 75% of people with diabetes do not even know that they have eye complications.

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  • FDA panel to vote whether diabetes drug cuts cardiac death

    Added On : 27th June 2016

    Businessman has Heart AttackAn advisory panel to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will be asked to vote next week on whether a diabetes drug made by Eli Lilly & Co and Boehringer Ingelheim cuts the risk of cardiovascular death, according to documents posted on the agency's website on Friday.

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  • Diabetic? Eat moderately to avoid a ‘date’ with doctor

    Added On : 17th June 2016

    RIYADH: The Ministry of Health has advised diabetics to eat dates in moderation during Ramadan because of the effect they can have on sugar levels.

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  • Many obese young adults unaware of kidney disease risk

    Added On : 6th June 2016

     Obese young adults at risk for developing kidney disease are largely unaware of the looming problem, a U.S. study suggests.

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  • Diabetes problem ‘needs united action’

    Added On : 25th May 2016

    RIYADH: Health ministries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) need the help of fellow government agencies to deal with the growing problem of diabetes in the country, including programs to improve eating habits and involvement in sport for males and females.

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  • BP Swings Tied to Faster Decline in Mental Skills

    Added On : 24th May 2016

    Image result for BP Swings Tied to Faster Decline in Mental SkillsStudy found older adults with wide variations were more likely to show deterioration in thinking abilities

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  • SR14bn a year spent on diabetics

    Added On : 20th May 2016

    JEDDAH: Treatment of diabetes patients costs the government SR14 billion a year, according to a local doctor.

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  • Patients scrambling to try Type 2 diabetes drug that could extend longevity

    Added On : 27th April 2016

    USA-HEALTHCARE/What if there were a way to stave off the creaks and calamities of old age? Nir Barzilai, director of the Institute for Aging Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, is working on it.

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  • Final piece of type 1 diabetes puzzle solved

    Added On : 25th April 2016

    Woman having insulin injectionA complete picture of the areas that the immune system attacks to cause type 1 diabetes has finally been revealed by scientists.

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