• Health and Happiness Are Not Always Linked

    Added On : 27th December 2012

    Think good health is a major predictor of happiness? A study says yes, but there's a catch.

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  • How Do Sleeping Pills Really Work?

    Added On : 30th December 2012

    Study Says It's Partly Because You Think They Do

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  • Missing Brain Protein Tied to Panic Disorder

    Added On : 3rd January 2013

    Less Serotonin Creates Vulnerability for Panic Disorder

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  • Depression in the Mideast Reaches Alarming Levels

    Added On : 6th January 2013

    JEDDAH: Depression is a common mental health disorder, affecting more than 350 million people of all ages worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In 2001, the WHO identified depression as the fourth leading cause of disability and premature death in the world. It is projected to become the leading cause of burden of disease by 2030.

    Addressing the growing unmet need for developing better understanding of psychiatric diseases including major depressive disorder (MDD) in Saudi Arabia, the capital city, Riyadh recently hosted a national mental health forum supported by the Ministry of Health in which psychiatrists and experts provided profound insight into the proper management of MMD, consultancy guidelines and treatment options.

    A new study found that the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia has a very high rate of major depression compared to the rest of the world — almost 7 percent. This figure is especially concerning due to a recent link found between depression and patients' functional impairment. As the severity of depression increases, so does the level of impairment in social, familial and work role functioning.

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  • Sweetened Drinks Linked to Depression Risk

    Added On : 12th January 2013

    Drinking sweetened beverages -- either sugar-sweetened or diet -- may be linked with a slightly higher depression risk, while drinking coffee may slightly lower the risk.

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  • Hearing Loss Linked to Mental Decline in Elderly

    Added On : 23rd January 2013

    hearing lossHearing loss and mental decline are two common conditions of aging, and now a new study finds that they may be related.

    Older people with hearing deficits were more likely than those with normal hearing to develop problems with memory and thinking over the course of the study.

    On average, the study participants with hearing issues had significant mental impairments three years earlier than those without them.

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