• HPV Vaccine vs. Vulvar, Vaginal Cancer

    Added On : 13th October 2012

    Study: Vaccine Thwarts HPV Precancerous Lesions in the Vulva and Vagina

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  • Limit Fish While Pregnant? Study Questions Advice

    Added On : 16th October 2012

    Pregnant women are told to limit how much fish they eat because many fish are tainted by mercury, which may harm a baby's brain.

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  • How Rheumatoid Arthritis Affects Pregnancy...

    Added On : 19th October 2012

    How Rheumatoid Arthritis Affects Pregnancy With Twins

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  • No More Peeing on a Stick: New Ovulation Kit,,,

    Added On : 23rd October 2012

    maybe babyNo More Peeing on a Stick: New Ovulation Kit Uses Saliva to Determine when a Woman is Fertile

    A revolutionary new ovulation kit that uses saliva - rather than a urine sample - has been launched in the UK.

    Traditional fertility predictor kits use urine to test for an increase in lutenising hormone (LH) which takes place one or two days before ovulation.

    But the new Maybe Baby tester, shaped like a lipstick, claims to measure oestrogen and salt levels found in traces of women's saliva which surges when they are most fertile.

    The manufacturer claims the £40 saliva test is 98 per cent accurate and could end the traditional and, less than dignified 'pee-on-a-stick' method.

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  • Painful Sex Common After Giving Birth

    Added On : 7th November 2012

    Study: Nearly 1 in 3 New Moms Report Painful Sex in the Year After Giving Birth

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  • How your Mum's Early Menopause can Affect...

    Added On : 8th November 2012

    fertilizationHow your Mum's Early Menopause can Affect your Fertility: Number of Eggs in Ovaries is Lower

    A woman can predict how long she has left to conceive by checking how old her mother was at the menopause, according to researchers.

    A study has found that the number of eggs a woman has left in her ovaries is lower if her mother had an early menopause.

    With more women delaying motherhood to their late-30s and beyond, the chances of conceiving fall as the ovaries run down their stock of eggs.

    In the UK, the average age of the menopause is 51, but hereditary factors mean that the process can happen earlier in some women than in others.

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  • Revolutionary New 10-minute Test...

    Added On : 17th November 2012

    pregnant womanRevolutionary New 10-minute Test 'Can Predict Premature Births'

    A revolutionary new test developed in Britain can predict whether a woman will give birth prematurely within a matter of minutes, doctors say.

    Researchers have developed the early-warning system, which can warn an expectant mother that she is about to have a baby in just 10 minutes.

    Medical experts have hailed the test, developed at one of London's leading hospitals, which will replace an existing, but less accurate, test across the NHS.

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  • Debate Over Antidepressants in Pregnancy Ongoing

    Added On : 21st November 2012

    The debate over the safety of antidepressants during pregnancy has been going on for a long time, and a new review may keep the debate alive a while longer.

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  • Help for Breastfeeding Moms With Fibromyalgia

    Added On : 20th December 2012

    Support, Relaxation May Make Breastfeeding Easier, Study Suggests

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  • Pap Tests Often Given When Not Needed

    Added On : 8th January 2013

    Against clinical guidelines, many women are still getting Pap smears (a test that's meant to find cancer of the cervix) even after they've had a total hysterectomy, which removes the uterus and cervix, according to a new government report.

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