Obstetric/Gynecology News
  • Pregnant women with epilepsy 'need specialist care'

    Added On : 22nd June 2016

    Pregnant womanPregnant women with epilepsy should be treated by a specialist healthcare team to prevent unnecessary deaths, according to new national guidelines.

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  • Antibiotics May Blunt Breast-Feeding's Benefits

    Added On : 14th June 2016

    Infants given the drugs were prone to infections and obesity in childhood, researchers say

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  • Three-person babies IVF technique ‘safe’

    Added On : 13th June 2016

    embryoThe use of an IVF technique involving DNA from three people to create a baby has moved a step closer with a study that shows it is safe.

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  • Girls' early puberty and breast development tied to depression

    Added On : 28th May 2016

     Girls who go through puberty and develop breasts earlier than peers may have a higher risk of depression as well, a Chinese study suggests.

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  • Drop in birth defects slowed after folic acid fortification

    Added On : 22nd May 2016

     Having cereal and bread manufacturers add folic acid to their products may not be enough to help prevent certain birth defects, suggests a study from California.

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  • CDC Tracking 279 Pregnant Women With Zika

    Added On : 21st May 2016

    Image result for CDC Tracking 279 Pregnant Women With ZikaTwo registries will track those who show lab evidence of infection, whether or not they ever had symptoms

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  • 40% Saudi women resort to C-section births

    Added On : 9th May 2016

    ABHA: The acceptance among Saudi women for caesarean section births has increased to about 40 percent without any medical need. Globally, 30 percent of births are through the caesarean section due to scientific advancements in this area, revealed obstetrics and gynecology consultant Dr. Maher Rustom.

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  • Zika Destroys Fetal Brain Cells, Lab Study Finds

    Added On : 7th May 2016

    Image result for Zika Destroys Fetal Brain CellsVirus appears to activate an immune system response that turns off or stunts cell development

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  • Babies Fed Rice-Based Cereals Have Higher Arsenic

    Added On : 26th April 2016

    Image result for Babies Fed Rice-Based Cereals Have Higher ArsenicTo avoid potential harm, experts recommend consuming a variety of grains early in life

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  • Good pumping routine key to giving preemies breast milk

    Added On : 18th April 2016

    A nurse feeds a newborn baby donated milk during donation day at a hospital in MedellinMothers of premature infants may still be able to feed their babies breast milk if they can establish a good routine to express milk using a hospital-grade pump, a recent U.K. study suggests.

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