Oncology/Hematology News
  • 'Exciting' blood test spots cancer a year early

    Added On : 2nd May 2017

    Blood testDoctors have spotted cancer coming back up to a year before normal scans in an "exciting" discovery.

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  • Study links parental smoking with increased risk of childhood cancer

    Added On : 10th April 2017

    Researchers found a possible link between parental smoking and an increased risk of a common type of childhood cancer.The dangers that secondhand smoke pose to growing children and unborn babies is well documented, but now researchers are adding another frightening health risk to the list — genetic changes associated with a common type of childhood cancer.

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  • Antibiotic 'link to bowel cancer precursor'

    Added On : 8th April 2017

    File picture of pillsPeople who take antibiotics for a long time are more likely to develop growths on the bowel which can be a precursor to cancer, a study suggests.

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  • New drug for one in five breast cancers

    Added On : 15th March 2017

    • Angelina JolieMany more women could be helped by a new type of breast cancer drug, say experts
    • Biological therapies are currently only available as part of clinical trials, but hold great promise
    • Experts estimate as many as one in five patients might benefit

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  • Obesity strongly linked to 11 types of cancer

    Added On : 3rd March 2017

         People who are obese have a greater risk of developing and dying from several types of cancer including malignancies of the breast, ovary, kidney, pancreas, colon, rectum and bone marrow, a research review confirms.

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  • Blood tests spot ovarian cancer early

    Added On : 1st March 2017

    Ovarian cancerA blood test every four months could help women at high-risk of ovarian cancer find tumours early, say doctors.

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  • Cooling caps help women keep hair during breast cancer chemo

    Added On : 21st February 2017

                Women receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer are more likely to keep most of their hair with the help of devices that cool the scalp, according to two new studies.

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  • Lasers help doctors remove brain cancer

    Added On : 7th February 2017

    Daniel OrringerLasers can help surgeons rapidly analyse brain cancers and decide how much tissue to remove, a study shows.

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  • Early diagnosis focus of this year’s World Cancer Day

    Added On : 4th February 2017

    Image result for Early diagnosis focus of this year’s World Cancer DayJEDDAH: Saturday marks World Cancer Day. The disease is responsible for killing 8.8 million people every year, according to figures released this week by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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  • Good News for Older Women With Early Breast Cancer

    Added On : 30th January 2017

    Image result for Good News for Older Women With Early Breast CancerA diagnosis of DCIS doesn't lower life expectancy in patients over 50, study finds

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