• Smog May Boost Risk for Several Cancers

    Added On : 1st May 2016

    Image result for Smog May Boost Risk for Several CancersStudy finds even small increases in pollution raised overall odds of dying from disease by 22 percent

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  • These Foods Linked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer?

    Added On : 23rd April 2016

    Image result for CHEESE MEAT Aggressive Prostate Cancer?Study also suggests that cholesterol-lowering drugs may help counteract harmful effect

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  • Study Supports New Stool-Based Colon Cancer Test

    Added On : 20th April 2016

    Cologuard may help spot tumors, but researcher, experts agree that colonoscopy is preferred option

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  • Skin cancer: Pair of drugs 'eliminate 20% of tumours'

    Added On : 19th April 2016

    MelanomaA fifth of people with advanced melanoma have no sign of tumours in their body after treatment with a pair of immunotherapy drugs, a study shows.

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  • Common Diabetes Drug May Reduce Cancer Death Risk

    Added On : 17th April 2016

    Older women taking metformin saw a boost in survival, study suggests

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  • Study: Ejaculate More, Have Less Prostate Cancer Risk

    Added On : 14th April 2016

    Image result for Study: Ejaculate More, Have Less Prostate Cancer RiskAre Frequent Ejaculators Bacchanalian?

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  • Study finds that 'bad' carbs raise your cancer risk

    Added On : 9th April 2016

    A display of various size soft drink cups next to stacks of sugar cubes at a news conference at New York's City Hall.Meat is often the bad guy linked to higher cancer rates: The World Health Organization says bacon is carcinogenic and red meats in general "probably" are, while grilling meats is linked to higher kidney cancer rates.

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  • Acupuncture may help ease hot flashes in women with breast cancer who often can't take traditional hormone treatments, according to a new study from Italy

    Added On : 31st March 2016

     "Women with breast cancer should know that acupuncture together with enhanced self care for at least three months can improve hot flashes with an overall benefit on their quality of life," said study author Giorgia Razzini of Civil Hospital in Carpi. "This approach is safe and feasible as well."

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  • Cancer Scans 'Reduce Risky Operations'

    Added On : 25th March 2016

    PET-CT scansUsing a scanner rather than a scalpel could spare hundreds of thousands of cancer patients from risky surgery, a study suggests.

    Head and neck tumours are treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but then need an operation to visually check whether the growth has gone.

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  • Tumours Shrunk 'Dramatically' in 11 Days

    Added On : 11th March 2016

    Breast cancerA pair of drugs can dramatically shrink and eliminate some breast cancers in just 11 days, UK doctors have shown.

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