• Common Infant Vaccine and Bowel Complication Risk

    Added On : 15th January 2014

    But chances of complication much lower than with previous rotavirus vaccine, studies show

    Newer vaccines that protect against rotavirus have lower risks of bowel obstruction for infants than a previous vaccine did, two new studies suggest.

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  • Kids With ADHD, Aggression May Benefit...

    Added On : 11th January 2014

    Kids With ADHD, Aggression May Benefit From 2nd Med

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  • Big Strides in Battle Against Pediatric AIDS

    Added On : 25th December 2013

    Drug abuse, prostitution tied to heightened risk,Advances help lower transmission rate in U.S., but it's a different story in developing nations

    The effect that AIDS is having on American kids has improved greatly in recent years, thanks to effective drugs and prevention methods. The same cannot be said, however, for children worldwide.

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  • Hip Pain Increasing Among Young

    Added On : 11th December 2013

    Today, hip problems are no longer only associated with older people. Over the past ten years, more and more young people from the teens on developed femoral acetabular impingement (FAI), warn US physicians from the Ohio State University (Columbus).

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  • Saudi Woman Starts Project to Aid Children...

    Added On : 1st December 2013

    Saudi Woman Starts Project to Aid Children with ADHD

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  • Steroid Injections for Premature Babies...

    Added On : 22nd November 2013

    Steroid Injections for Premature Babies Could Raise ADHD Risk

    Injections are vital to baby's survival but could increase likelihood of behavioural and emotional problems

    Steroid injections commonly given to pregnant women due to give birth prematurely may raise the risk of the child developing behavioural problems such as ADHD, researchers have found.

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  • 'Butterfly Children'...

    Added On : 9th November 2013

    Rafi on beach.jpg'Butterfly Children': The Tragic Condition that Makes Kids' Skin Blister, Fall Off

    When Brett Koplean’s wife Jacqueline was pregnant with their daughter Rafaella – nicknamed Rafi – the entire pregnancy progressed smoothly. But when Jacqueline gave birth, two weeks late, the new parents were confronted with a shocking scenario they could have never imagined.

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  • Lullabies Reduce Pain in Children...

    Added On : 30th October 2013

    A study at Great Ormond Street Hospital suggests lullabies do more than just help babies sleep – they reduce pain in sick children Lullabies Reduce Pain in Children, Say Academics

    A study at Great Ormond Street Hospital suggests lullabies do more than just help babies sleep – they reduce pain in sick children

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  • Young Mothers 'Risk Factor for Early Childhood Death'

    Added On : 30th September 2013

    A young childChildren born to mothers under 30 are more likely to die than those born to older mums, a report on child deaths in the UK suggests.

    While overall child mortality fell by 50% in the past 20 years, young maternal age was found to be a risk factor for death in early childhood.

    Support should be extended to mothers of all ages, not just first-time teenage mums, the report said.

    The research was led by the Institute of Child Health at UCL.

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  • 'Sugar Gel' Helps Premature Babies

    Added On : 26th September 2013

    premature babyA dose of sugar given as a gel rubbed into the inside of the cheek is a cheap and effective way to protect premature babies against brain damage, say experts.

    Dangerously low blood sugar affects about one in 10 babies born too early. Untreated, it can cause permanent harm.

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