• Progesterone recommended to prevent early miscarriage

    Added On : 25th November 2021

    Women who experience bleeding in early pregnancy and have had at least one miscarriage should be treated with the hormone progesterone.

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  • Covid: Can UK avoid a Europe-style return to lockdown?

    Added On : 24th November 2021

    Covid infection rates have started rising sharply in parts of Western Europe, prompting the introduction of fresh restrictions and lockdowns.

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  • New mothers who died of herpes could have been infected by one surgeon

    Added On : 23rd November 2021

    Two mothers who died of herpes after giving birth could have been infected by a single surgeon, the BBC has found. 

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  • Take-at-home treatment for spinal muscular atrophy

    Added On : 22nd November 2021

    Patients with a rare genetic condition that causes progressive muscle weakness are to benefit from a new treatment available on the NHS in England.

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  • Covid : Children told to delay jab for 12 weeks after infection

    Added On : 21st November 2021

    Healthy children aged 12 to 17 are being advised to wait 12 weeks after a coronavirus infection before having a Covid jab in the UK.

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  • Rare case of woman's body ridding itself of HIV

    Added On : 18th November 2021

    A woman from Argentina appears to have rid herself of HIV without drugs or treatment - the second documented case of its kind in the world.

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  • Covid: Austria introduces lockdown for unvaccinated

    Added On : 16th November 2021

    About two million people who have not been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 have been placed in lockdown in Austria as the country faces a surge in cases.

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  • Covid booster doses to be offered to over-40s

    Added On : 15th November 2021

    All over-40s should be offered a third dose of a Covid vaccine, according to the UK government's vaccine advisers.

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  • Covid: Medication holiday may boost vaccine protection

    Added On : 14th November 2021

    An important trial will test how to boost Covid jab protection in vulnerable patients whose immune systems are weakened by drugs they need for other health conditions.

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  • Covid-resistant people inspire new vaccine tactic

    Added On : 11th November 2021

    Understanding how some people naturally resist Covid infection, despite clearly being exposed to the virus, could lead to better vaccines, say researchers.

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