• Malaria vaccine 'will change African lives forever'

    Added On : 10th November 2021

    "I was surrounded by malaria. All of my friends had it, I had it, my siblings and parents."

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  • Malaria vaccine: When will it be available?

    Added On : 9th November 2021

    Researchers and health professionals have been celebrating after the World Health Organization (WHO) approved the widespread use of the world's first malaria vaccine.

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  • Covid: Pfizer says antiviral pill 89% effective in high-risk cases

    Added On : 8th November 2021

    A pill to treat Covid developed by the US company Pfizer cuts the risk of hospitalisation or death by 89% in vulnerable adults, clinical trial results suggest.

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  • High-risk Covid gene more common in South Asians

    Added On : 7th November 2021

    University of Oxford scientists have uncovered a gene that doubles the risk of lung failure and death from Covid.

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  • The brain sensor discovery behind humans getting taller

    Added On : 4th November 2021

    The puzzle of why humans are growing taller and reaching puberty earlier than ever before can be explained by a sensor in the brain, scientists say.

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  • Covid: Double vaccinated can still spread virus at home

    Added On : 3rd November 2021

    Double jabbed people are catching Covid and passing it on to those they live with, warn experts who have studied UK household cases.

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  • E-cigarettes could be available on NHS to tackle smoking rates

    Added On : 2nd November 2021

    E-cigarettes could soon be prescribed on the NHS in England to help people stop smoking tobacco products.

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  • Chronic fatigue syndrome advice scraps exercise therapy

    Added On : 31st October 2021

    A health watchdog has scrapped a previous recommendation of graded exercise therapy for ME.

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  • Covid: Virus may have killed 80k-180k health workers, WHO says

    Added On : 28th October 2021

    Covid has severely affected healthcare staff and may have killed between 80,000 and 180,000, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

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  • Covid vaccines: FDA panel approves Pfizer jabs for children 5 and up

    Added On : 27th October 2021

    Paediatric doctors could soon find themselves on the front lines of a US government plan to get some 28 million school-aged children in line for their coronavirus jabs.

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