• Coronavirus: Russia now has second highest virus case total

    Added On : 13th May 2020

    Russia has confirmed 232,000 cases of coronavirus - the second highest toll in the world after the US.

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  • Coronavirus: Wuhan in first virus cluster since end of lockdown

    Added On : 12th May 2020

    New coronavirus clusters have been reported in Wuhan city - where the virus first emerged - and the north-eastern province of Jilin in China

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  • Coronavirus: Germany infection rate rises as lockdown eases

    Added On : 11th May 2020

    Coronavirus infections are rising in Germany, official data shows, just days after the country eased its lockdown restrictions.

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  • The patients who just can't shake off Covid-19

    Added On : 10th May 2020

    David Harris's world has shrunk to the size of his front room.

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  • Coronavirus mutations: Scientists puzzle over impact

    Added On : 7th May 2020

    Researchers in the US and UK have identified hundreds of mutations to the virus which causes the disease Covid-19.

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  • Coronavirus: 'Segment and shield' way to lift UK lockdown now

    Added On : 6th May 2020

    Strengthening protection for people shielding, while easing restrictions for everyone else, is the only immediate way to safely lift the UK's coronavirus lockdown, researchers say.

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  • Social distancing and coronavirus: The science behind the two-metre rule

    Added On : 5th May 2020

    Ministers are reported to be considering whether to relax the two-metre rule for social distancing in workplaces.

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  • Coronavirus: WHO defends coronavirus outbreak response

    Added On : 4th May 2020

    The World Health Organization says it "didn't waste time" responding to the coronavirus after facing criticism for its handling of the outbreak.

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  • Remdesivir: Drug has 'clear-cut' power to fight coronavirus

    Added On : 3rd May 2020

    There is "clear-cut" evidence that a drug can help people recover from the coronavirus, say US officials

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  • Coronavirus: Immunity passports 'could increase virus spread'

    Added On : 27th April 2020

    Governments should not issue so-called "immunity passports" or "risk-free certificates" as a way of easing lockdowns, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

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