• Valneva Covid vaccine approved for use in UK

    Added On : 17th April 2022

    A new Covid vaccine has been approved for use in the UK by regulators.

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  • UK officials investigate 74 child hepatitis cases

    Added On : 13th April 2022

    Health officials are investigating 74 cases of hepatitis - or liver inflammation - in children across the UK since the start of this year.

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  • Zika virus may be one step away from explosive outbreak

    Added On : 12th April 2022

    A new outbreak of Zika virus is quite possible, warn researchers, with a single mutation potentially enough to trigger an explosive spread.

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  • Psychedelic frees up depressed brain, study shows

    Added On : 11th April 2022

    Psilocybin, a drug found in magic mushrooms, appears to free up the brains of people with severe depression in a way that other antidepressants do not, a study has found.

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  • Miscarriage: Tens of thousands have PTSD symptoms

    Added On : 10th April 2022

    Tens of thousands of women in the UK may be experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after miscarriages each year, a leading researcher warns.

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  • Covid: Blood clot risk higher for six months after having virus

    Added On : 7th April 2022

    After a Covid infection, there is an increased risk of developing a serious blood clot for the next six months, a study from Sweden suggests.


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  • Covid jabs: Why families are taking their children for a Covid vaccine

    Added On : 6th April 2022

    The latest roll-out of Covid jabs has extended the programme to all children aged between five and 11. BBC News talks to some of the first families who got the dose.

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  • Coronavirus: New Covid symptoms 'may be similar to cold or flu'

    Added On : 5th April 2022

    Covid-19 symptoms may not be limited to just fever, new continuous cough or loss of sense of smell or taste, the Department of Health has acknowledged.

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  • Covid: Young child development worrying, says Ofsted boss

    Added On : 4th April 2022

    Young children's development, following the pandemic, has been "particularly worrying", the chief inspector of Ofsted has said.

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  • Artificial pancreas to revolutionise diabetes care in England

    Added On : 3rd April 2022

    Nearly 900 patients with type 1 diabetes in England are testing a potentially life-changing artificial pancreas.

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