• Covid-19: Lung damage 'identified' in study

    Added On : 3rd December 2020

    Covid-19 could be causing lung abnormalities still detectable more than three months after patients are infected, researchers suggest.

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  • Covid vaccine: Rumours thrive amid trickle of pandemic facts

    Added On : 2nd December 2020

    With a number of potential vaccines for Covid-19 now imminent, there are increasing concerns that misinformation online could turn some people against being immunized.

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  • Covid vaccine: Moderna seeks approval in US and Europe

    Added On : 1st December 2020

    Moderna is filing for US and European emergency regulatory approval of its coronavirus vaccine so that it can be recommended for widespread use.

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  • Covid infections in England fall by 30% over lockdown - React study

    Added On : 30th November 2020

    Coronavirus infections in England have fallen by about a third over lockdown, according to a major study.

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  • Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccine 'dose error' explained

    Added On : 29th November 2020

    On Monday, the world heard how the UK's Covid vaccine - from AstraZeneca and Oxford University - was highly effective in advanced trials.

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  • Covid: PPE price rises cost taxpayers £10bn, report says

    Added On : 26th November 2020

    Personal protective equipment (PPE) stockpiles in England were inadequate for the Covid pandemic and price rises earlier this year cost taxpayers about £10bn, the spending watchdog has said.

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  • Covid-19: Oxford University vaccine is highly effective

    Added On : 25th November 2020

    The coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Oxford is highly effective at stopping people developing Covid-19 symptoms, a large trial shows.

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  • Covid risk: 3 people, 3 very different Covid risks. What's yours?

    Added On : 24th November 2020

    If there's one question about coronavirus that we ask more than any other, it's surely "What is my risk?"

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  • Tocilizumab: Arthritis drug may treat severe Covid

    Added On : 23rd November 2020

    The rheumatoid arthritis drugs tocilizumab appears to treat people who are critically ill with Covid-19, early trial data shows.

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  • Coronavirus: Inside test-and-trace - how the 'world beater' went wrong

    Added On : 22nd November 2020

    Just half of close contacts given to England's NHS Test and Trace are being reached in some areas, a BBC investigation has found.

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