• Study shows why acupuncture might work

    Added On : 3rd July 2017

    woman being treated with acupunctureAcupuncture has been used to treat all kinds of pain since as far back as ancient times. Yet many dismiss it as a mere placebo, arguing that the method is not scientific. But new research moves closer to a scientific explanation for why acupuncture might, in fact, work.

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  • Melanoma Biopsy Results Can Differ, Worrying Patients

    Added On : 2nd July 2017

    Image result for Melanoma BiopsyDoctor discovers skin cancer evaluations aren't always as clear-cut as many might think

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  • Painless flu jab patch for people scared of injections

    Added On : 1st July 2017

    Close-up image of the microneedle patchA 'painless' sticking plaster flu jab that delivers vaccine into the skin has passed important safety tests in the first trial in people.

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  • Health Ministry bolsters measures to prevent cholera

    Added On : 30th June 2017

    Image result for moh logoRIYADH – The Ministry of Health has said it has taken several precautionary measures to prevent the spread of cholera in the Kingdom from neighboring countries.

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  • Drug may help with common form of vision loss

    Added On : 30th June 2017

    One group of patients in particular benefited from the drug, experiencing a 44 percent drop in the size of the area affected by the disease.An experimental drug reduces eye damage in people with a common form of vision loss for which there is currently no available treatment, a new study finds.

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  • Weight-related deaths can affect non-obese too

    Added On : 13th June 2017

    More than 2 billion children and adults suffer from health problems related to excess weightYou don't have to be diagnosed as obese to be at risk of dying from illnesses related to excess weight, a global study suggests.

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  • Type 2 diabetes: Blood glucose testing of little value to some patients

    Added On : 12th June 2017

    blood glucose testingMany patients with type 2 diabetes consider finger-prick blood tests key for keeping blood glucose levels under control. But according to a new study, they are unlikely to be beneficial for patients who are not receiving insulin therapy.

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  • Vaginal Bacteria May Affect Herpes and Zika Virus

    Added On : 11th June 2017

    Image result for Vaginal Bacteria May Affect Herpes And Zika VirusHealthy 'bugs' might alter how the viruses work, researcher says

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  • Yemen cholera cases pass 100,000 amid 'unprecedented' epidemic

    Added On : 10th June 2017

    Yemeni children suspected of being infected with cholera receive treatment at a makeshift hospital in Sanaa on 5 June 2017The number of suspected cases of cholera resulting from a severe outbreak in Yemen has passed 100,000, the World Health Organization says.

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  • Special Brain Scans May Predict Autism

    Added On : 9th June 2017

    Image result for functional connectivity MRI (fcMRI)In small study, technique identified 82 percent of infants later diagnosed with the disorder

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