• Rosacea: 'Your skin doesn't define you'

    Added On : 15th March 2022

    Rosacea is a common but misunderstood condition that is thought to affect millions. It is incurable, and those who have it must often endure a sustained treatment regime, restrictions on what they eat, drink and do and, in some cases, judgements or jibes from others. But a growing community and statements from high-profile sufferers have shown that they are not alone.

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  • Xenotransplantation: Are pigs the future of organ transplants?

    Added On : 14th March 2022

    The frontiers of organ transplantation have been pushed further than ever before. The first organs taken from genetically engineered pigs have been put into people and the recipient of the first pig heart managed to survive for two months.

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  • Covid deaths probably three times higher than records say

    Added On : 13th March 2022

    More than 18 million people - three times higher than official records suggest - have probably died because of Covid, say researchers.

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  • Stool tests might help spot early pancreatic cancer

    Added On : 10th March 2022

    Stool tests might provide a useful way to help doctors spot early pancreatic cancer, say researchers.

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  • Covid vaccines not linked to deaths, major US study finds

    Added On : 9th March 2022

    A major study of vaccine side-effects in the US found no link between two Covid jabs and the number of deaths recorded after vaccination.

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  • Scans reveal how Covid may change the brain

    Added On : 8th March 2022

    Catching Covid may cause changes to the brain, a study suggests.

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  • The myth of a 'super-charged' immune system

    Added On : 7th March 2022

    Suddenly we are all talking about immunity - but how much do we really understand? Science writer and YouTuber Philipp Dettmer unpicks one of the most common misconceptions.

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  • Another life-saving Covid drug identified

    Added On : 6th March 2022

    UK experts say they have found another life-saving drug that can help people ill with Covid.

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  • Covid: How could the pandemic have affected your brain?

    Added On : 3rd March 2022

    Memory loss, fatigue and trouble concentrating can be symptoms of having had coronavirus.

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  • Oxygen stocks running dangerously low in Ukraine

    Added On : 2nd March 2022

    Vital oxygen supplies to treat patients sick with Covid and other critical illnesses, including war injuries, are running dangerously low in Ukraine.

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