• Generic Singulair Approved

    Added On : 30th August 2012

    FDA: 10 Generic Drugmakers Approved to Make Montelukast Tablets

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  • Epilepsy Drug Gabapentin Calms Chronic Cough

    Added On : 4th September 2012

    Nearly 3 in 4 Users Had Improved Quality-of-Life Scores

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  • Crippling Viral Infections 'Cause Asthma'

    Added On : 10th September 2012

    asthma childViral infections in newborns "cripple" part of the immune system and increase the risk of asthma later in life, US researchers studying mice have said.

    They showed infections by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) stripped immune cells of their ability to calm down inflammation in the lung's airways.

    They say their findings, published in the journal Nature Medicine, will help develop ways of preventing asthma.

    The charity Asthma UK said the study had "really exciting" potential.

    When something irritates the airways of a patient with asthma, the airways become tightened, inflamed and produce too much sticky mucus. All of this can make breathing difficult.

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  • Judge wants Hospital Staff Punished...

    Added On : 21st September 2012

    Judge wants Hospital Staff Punished for Burning Newborn's Toes

    TABUK — A judge has asked the authorities to catch those responsible for burning the toes of his newborn baby boy.

    Sheikh Ali Bin Muhammad Al-Sawee, who works at a Tabuk court, said his wife gave birth at the Maternity and Children's Hospital in Tabuk.

    He said the baby remained in intensive care for 12 days because two days after the birth his left foot was covered with gauze.

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  • Sinus Infections Linked to Nasal Washing

    Added On : 22nd September 2012

    Using Tap Water in Neti Pots and Other Devices Tied to Tough-to-Treat Chronic Sinus Infections

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  • Mild Asthma Patients May Do OK...

    Added On : 25th September 2012

    Mild Asthma Patients May Do OK With Less Steroids

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  • Half of Pregnant Women, Newborns Risk Flu

    Added On : 30th September 2012

    Half of pregnant women don't get flu shots, putting themselves and their child at risk of severe flu.

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  • The New Test That Determines Your Risk...

    Added On : 14th October 2012

    peanutsThe New Test That Determines Your Risk of a Deadly Allergic Reaction

    A new test to indicate which people are most at risk from life-threatening allergic reactions has been developed by British scientists.

    The procedure measures levels of an enzyme in the blood which is involved in allergic reactions that can cause potentially fatal anaphylactic shock.

    Medics hope the test could become the definitive, gold standard test for the diagnosis of severe allergic reactions across the world.

    One in three Britons suffers from an allergy and the number of cases is rising by five per cent every year.

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  • The 10 Worst Places for Fall Allergies in 2012

    Added On : 17th October 2012

    Some natives of Louisville, Ky., needn't be surprised if they're sneezing while reading this article. Their city tops the list this year as the worst place to live in the U.S. for fall allergies.

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  • Asthma Drug Shown to Stunt Growth

    Added On : 20th October 2012

    Children Who Use Inhaled Steroids Are Slightly Shorter as Adults

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