• Cook Islands braces after Covid-positive traveller

    Added On : 14th February 2022

    The Cook Islands is bracing for its first coronavirus cases after a visitor to the country tested positive.

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  • Experts discuss importance of exercise, creativity, mental well-being at Riyadh conference

    Added On : 13th February 2022

    The conference agenda concentrated on food and nutrition, exercise, injury prevention, and mind-body connection with industry experts delivering a series of talks

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  • Tinnitus biobank needed to explain ringing ears condition

    Added On : 9th February 2022

    The UK urgently needs a biobank library of human tissue samples so experts can study and find better treatments, or a cure, for "ringing in the ears", says the British Tinnitus Association (BTA).

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  • Miscarriage: 'I was in pain and they did not listen'

    Added On : 9th February 2022

    Research shows black women are at a 40% higher risk of pregnancy loss than white women.

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  • Blood pressure warning over long-term paracetamol use

    Added On : 8th February 2022

    People with high blood pressure who take paracetamol on prescription could be increasing their risk of heart attacks and strokes, a study suggests.

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  • Why switching asthma inhaler could be better for you and the planet

    Added On : 7th February 2022

    The current aerosol asthma inhalers we use are cheap but, because of the gases they contain, are one of the NHS's biggest contributions to climate change. Other countries think alternatives are superior - and some patients in the UK who have switched say they are controlling their asthma better. So, could millions of people be prescribed different inhalers?

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  • Novavax Covid jab approved by UK drugs regulator

    Added On : 6th February 2022

    The UK has approved a fifth Covid-19 vaccine, developed by US company Novavax, which offers up to 89% protection against Covid illness.

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  • Smear tests might help pick up ovary and breast cancers

    Added On : 3rd February 2022

    Cells collected during smear tests for cervical cancer might be useful for detecting early tumours elsewhere, such as in the breasts and ovaries, research suggests.

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  • Measles warning for children as jab rate falls in England

    Added On : 2nd February 2022

    More than one in 10 school entry-age children in England are at risk of measles because they have not had their vaccine jabs, data reveals.

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  • Unvaccinated man denied heart transplant by Boston hospital

    Added On : 31st January 2022

    A US hospital has rejected a patient for a heart transplant at least in part because he is not vaccinated against Covid-19.

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