• 'Do it at home' coronavirus saliva test trialled

    Added On : 23rd June 2020

    A new "no swab" saliva coronavirus test that lets people collect their own sample at home by spitting into a pot is being trialled in the UK.

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  • Coronavirus: What is a second wave and is one coming?

    Added On : 22nd June 2020

    Coronavirus is far from over. Some countries are still dealing with large epidemics, but even those currently controlling the virus fear "the second wave".

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  • Coronavirus: South Asian people most likely to die in hospital

    Added On : 22nd June 2020

    South Asian people are the most likely to die from coronavirus after being admitted to hospital in Great Britain, major analysis shows.

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  • Coronavirus: Dexamethasone proves first life-saving drug

    Added On : 17th June 2020

    A cheap and widely available drug can help save the lives of patients seriously ill with coronavirus.

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  • Coronavirus: France announces significant lifting of restrictions

    Added On : 16th June 2020

    French President Emmanuel Macron has announced a number of coronavirus restrictions are being lifted.

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  • Coronavirus: Blood clots targeted in treatment trial

    Added On : 15th June 2020

    Scientists are to test whether an experimental drug can prevent potentially deadly blood clots associated with Covid-19.

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  • Health Coronavirus social-contact curbs 'put adolescents at risk'

    Added On : 14th June 2020

    Young people's brains continue to develop and change during adolescence

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  • Coronavirus came to UK 'on at least 1,300 separate occasions'

    Added On : 11th June 2020

    Coronavirus was brought into the UK on at least 1,300 separate occasions, a major analysis of the genetics of the virus shows.

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  • Coronavirus: Asymptomatic transmission still an 'open question'

    Added On : 10th June 2020

    How much coronavirus transmission comes from people with no symptoms is still a "big unknown", a World Health Organization scientist has clarified.

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  • Coronavirus: Risk higher for pregnant BAME women

    Added On : 9th June 2020

    The high proportion of pregnant women from black and ethnic minority (BAME) groups admitted to hospital with Covid-19 "needs urgent investigation", says a study in the British Medical Journal.

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