• Covid-19: Brazil experts issue warning as hospitals 'close to collapse'

    Added On : 11th March 2021

    Health systems in most of Brazil's largest cities are close to collapse because of Covid-19 cases, its leading health institute warns.

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  • Covid-19: Don't think pandemic is over, Whitty warns

    Added On : 10th March 2021

    Unlocking too quickly would lead to a substantial surge in Covid infections, the UK's chief medical adviser says.

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  • What's causing vaccine delays in some Asian countries?

    Added On : 9th March 2021

    An estimated 160 million Covid-19 vaccinations have been administered so far globally, but most of that has been in the US and Europe.

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  • Covid-19: Vaccine offers for all those aged 56 or over

    Added On : 8th March 2021

    Covid-19: Vaccine offers for all those aged 56 or over

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  • Covid: Germany approves AstraZeneca vaccine for over-65s

    Added On : 7th March 2021

    Germany's vaccine commission has approved the use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab in people aged over 65.

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  • Covid vaccines cut risk of serious illness by 80% in over-80s

    Added On : 4th March 2021

    A single shot of either the Oxford-AstraZeneca or the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid jab reduces the chance of needing hospital treatment by more than 80%, an analysis in England shows.

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  • Covid Brazil variant 'may spread more easily'

    Added On : 3rd March 2021

    The Brazil coronavirus variant now found in the UK appears more contagious and may evade immunity provided by past infection, scientists say.

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  • Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine: FDA approves single-shot jab

    Added On : 2nd March 2021

    US regulators have formally approved the single-shot Johnson & Johnson (J&J) coronavirus vaccine, the third jab to be authorised in the country.


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  • Covax vaccine-sharing scheme delivers first doses to Ghana

    Added On : 1st March 2021

    Ghana has become the first country to receive coronavirus vaccines through the Covax vaccine-sharing initiative.

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  • Covid vaccines - 'spectacular' impact on serious illness

    Added On : 28th February 2021

    The first data on the UK Covid vaccine rollout suggests it is having a "spectacular" impact on stopping serious illness, researchers say.

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