• Coronavirus: WHO advises to wear masks in public areas

    Added On : 8th June 2020

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has changed its advice on face masks, saying they should be worn in public where social distancing is not possible to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

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  • Coronavirus: Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine 'does not save lives'

    Added On : 7th June 2020

    A malaria drug that has been tested as a treatment for coronavirus does not save lives, one of the world's largest trials shows.

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  • Coronavirus: WHO halts trials of hydroxychloroquine over safety fears

    Added On : 28th May 2020

    Testing of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment for coronavirus has been halted because of safety fears, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

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  • Coronavirus: UK authorises anti-viral drug remdesivir

    Added On : 27th May 2020

    A drug treatment called remdesivir that appears to shorten recovery time for people with coronavirus is being made available on the NHS.

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  • Coronavirus: Immune clue sparks treatment hope

    Added On : 26th May 2020

    UK scientists are to begin testing a treatment that it is hoped could counter the effects of Covid-19 in the most seriously ill patients.

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  • Coronavirus: Children and older adults to take part in vaccine trial

    Added On : 25th May 2020

    Children and older adults are to be included in the second phase of vaccine trials to protect against coronavirus.

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  • Coronavirus: Hydroxychloroquine trial begins in the UK

    Added On : 24th May 2020

    A trial to see whether two anti-malarial drugs could prevent Covid-19 has begun in Brighton and Oxford.

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  • Coronavirus: Spain tightens mask rules for all older than five

    Added On : 21st May 2020

    Wearing masks is being made compulsory in Spain both indoors and out in public if social distancing is not possible.

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  • Coronavirus: All 50 US states move toward reopening

    Added On : 20th May 2020

    As the country's death toll surpasses 92,000, all 50 US states have partially reopened after a two-month shutdown.

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  • Mumbai: India hospital delivers 100 babies from Covid-19 mums

    Added On : 19th May 2020

    More than 100 healthy babies have been born to mothers infected with the novel coronavirus in one hospital in India's western city of Mumbai.

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