• Coronavirus: Delirium 'key symptom' in frail older people

    Added On : 4th October 2020

    Doctors and carers should look out for signs of confusion or strange behaviour in frail older people because it could be an early warning sign of Covid-19, research suggests.

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  • Berlin patient: First person cured of HIV, Timothy Ray Brown, dies

    Added On : 1st October 2020

    The first person cured of HIV - Timothy Ray Brown - has died from cancer.

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  • Coronavirus: Israel tightens second lockdown amid acrimony

    Added On : 30th September 2020

    Israel has tightened restrictions on its population in the fight against coronavirus, one week after a second lockdown came into effect.

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  • Coronavirus: New global test will give results 'in minutes'

    Added On : 29th September 2020

    A test that can diagnose Covid-19 in minutes will dramatically expand the capacity to detect cases in low- and middle-income countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said.

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  • Why India should worry about post-Covid-19 care

    Added On : 28th September 2020

    When 60-year-old Milind Ketkar returned home after spending nearly a month in hospital battling Covid-19, he thought the worst was over.

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  • Covid-19: UK volunteers could be given virus to test vaccine

    Added On : 27th September 2020

    The UK could be the first country in the world to carry out Covid "challenge trials" - where healthy volunteers are deliberately infected with coronavirus to test possible vaccines.

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  • Covid: Raab defends 'targeted' new coronavirus measures

    Added On : 24th September 2020

    Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has defended the "balanced, targeted and proportionate" new coronavirus measures amid criticism from some scientists.

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  • Flu jab 'more important than ever' this winter

    Added On : 23rd September 2020

    People are being advised to get a flu jab to help protect against the "double danger" of flu and coronavirus.

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  • Lesbos: Hundreds test positive for Covid-19 after migrant camp fire

    Added On : 22nd September 2020

    Hundreds of migrants and refugees at a new temporary camp on the Greek island of Lesbos have tested positive for coronavirus, officials say.

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  • Hancock: Follow Covid rules or they will get tougher

    Added On : 21st September 2020

    Restrictions will get tougher if rules are not followed, Matt Hancock says, as £10,000 fines for those who fail to self-isolate are introduced in England.

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