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Extra Blood Transfusion Kills Child

Added On : 25th December 2012

JEDDAH — A Saudi has accused a North Jeddah private hospital of causing the death of his six-year-old son, by giving him an extra bag of blood. His son Salim suffered from Sickle Cell Anemia since birth.

He admitted his son to the hospital on Dec. 21 last year as he was suffering from great pain and weakness. The doctors diagnosed his ailment as a spleen problem that necessitated blood transfusion.

He remained at the hospital for 14 days. Two days after his son was discharged, he took him back to the hospital.

The doctors recommended his hospitalization again, as he was suffering from severe anemia, and needed additional blood transfusion. Shortly after that, he went into a coma.

The doctors, however, kept assuring the father that his son's condition would gradually improve.

They then told the father that his son had a blood clot problem, and recommended his transfer to King Abdulaziz University Hospital, as they are equipped to handle such cases.

The father asked the hospital for a report on his son's condition, and the treatment he received, but his request was denied.

He took his son to the University hospital, which pointed that the child received extra blood transfusion that caused the clot and the paralysis. His son remained in a coma, and died a few months later.

King Abdulaziz University Hospital medical report points out that the child was brought to the hospital with low white blood cells count, and a low hemoglobin level.

He was put on a respirator as he had a low heartbeat. He was recommended to have daily blood transfusion to increase his hemoglobin level.

His condition did not improve, and he suffered a heart failure, causing his death.

The child's father complained to the Jeddah Directorate for Health Affairs on August 25, but has not received any response from them as of this writing.

He also accuses the hospital of providing flight for the responsible doctor to their hospital branch in Dubai.


Ibrahim Alwi - Saudi Gazette