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Cartoons Make Children Aware...

Added On : 6th April 2013

Cartoons Make Children Aware of Healthy Habits

The Ministry of Health is using 35 cartoon and other characters at the Janadriyah festival near Riyadh to teach children how to look after their health.

“More than 25 cartoon characters and 10 other characters will be used for the first time at Janadriyah to promote awareness on health matters,” said Muhammad Al-Talha, supervisor of the ministry’s children’s theater at the festival.

The plays will be on themes such as domestic safety, ways of maintaining healthy teeth, early detection of the genetic diseases, diabetes, cancer, and promoting blood donation.

Its obesity clinic has attracted a large number of people.

The Red Crescent is displaying a 57-year-old ambulance, one of the first used in the Kingdom. The Kingdom’s founder King Abdul Aziz donated the Ford 1956 model to the “Charity First Aid” which later changed into the Red Crescent.

The Saudi Geological Survey is displaying photos of 1,285 Saudi islands in the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf including geographical features and climatic conditions. It is also showcasing various kinds of soil, rocks and information about mineral resources in the Kingdom.

The Prison’s Directorate is displaying various artistic and handicraft works of inmates at its pavilion.

The displays of the Eastern Province include various cottage industries including pottery, ship building, dress making, sword-making, gold and silver works and fishing nets.

Visitors also have the opportunity to fly at the Earth and Space School for Gliding.

There are three types of glider planes at Janadriyah including a single seater, with a maximum speed of 50 km an hour, that requires two weeks' training to fly. The second one is a dual-glider with a top speed of 80 km and requires three weeks' training. The third plane, with a triangular wing, can travel at a speed of 120 km and needs training of one month.

Gliding has become one of the most popular sports among Saudi youth over the last 10 years.

The flying coach at the school, Fahd Al-Zakari, told the Saudi Press Agency that the school opened in 2003 and has produced over 700 qualified glider pilots from Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries, Arab nations and foreign states.


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