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Healthy lifestyle plays key role in preventing diabetes

Added On : 8th August 2016

ABHA: The ratio of the spread of diabetes in the Kingdom has reached 13.4 percent. While the percentage among males stood at 14.8 percent, it was 11.7 percent among women, according to national health survey data of the Kingdom. 

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shahri, supervisor of the diabetes eradication program of the Asir Health Department, said that on average, 7.8 percent of those between the age 25 and 34 have diabetes, and in the age group above 65 years, the rate is 50.4 percent

Citing a study, he said that the spread of diabetes among males is 17 percent or 1.29 million. Among women the disease is 15.5 percent, which is 1.1 million.

Of the total male diabetics, 546,000 are receiving treatment, but 275,000 males are unable to control the disease. Out of 775,000 females affected with diabetes, 356,000 are taking treatment, with196,000 unable to control the disease. 

Speaking on the sidelines of an awareness program about diabetes in Abha, Said bin Abdullah Al-Naqir, spokesman of Asir Health Department, said that these programs and activities were organized as part of the national diabetes eradication program in various cities and regions of the Kingdom.

Al-Naqir said that a number of health awareness activities would be organized in this area. This is aimed at strengthening the efforts being made in service of the people. These activities are scientific and awareness creating. Doctors and experts in the field of diabetes are participating. He said that there is a team which is educating people about the preventive measures and treatment of diabetes, its threats and factors. He said that in general, a healthy life style could play a vital role in eradication of diabetes from society.

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