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Oral Health Month, an oral care awareness campaign launches in KSA with the support of more than 3,200 dentists giving residents access to free dental checkups

Added On : 21st April 2017

The Saudi Dental Society and Colgate have partnered to launch a nationwide awareness campaign, Oral Health Month, with the support of over 3200 dentists across the Kingdom. The campaign offers free dental checkups across the country alongside an interactive roadshow across three cities, to drive home the message among Saudi citizens about the benefits of a preventive approach to oral health.  

Research conducted by Ipsos in November 2014 revealed 88% of Saudi residents visited a dentist only when they were faced with dental problems.

“It’s vital we reverse the trend of Saudi citizens only visiting the dentist when they have a dental problem and encourage them to schedule a minimum of twice-yearly check-ups,” said Dr. Fahad Al Shehri, President, Saudi Dental Society. “Visiting a dentist twice a year is important because conditions such as cavities and gum disease are preventable and dentists can spot problems we can’t on our own. Even if a person routinely brushes his or her teeth, many oral diseases form and often escape notice – they only become painful when they are at more advanced stages. Good oral health care also falls within the Amanah of looking after your family.”

Al Shehri added: “Statistics show there are far too many Saudis who only visit a dentist when they know something is wrong or they are in severe oral pain. Our mission is to change that statistic and raise awareness of why a preventive approach is better for your family’s overall oral care. By offering the free dental check-ups, we hope to demonstrate the benefit of regular oral health examinations and turn regular checkups into a habit for the wider Saudi population.”

To book your free dental checkup during Oral Health Month visit to find your nearest participating dentist.  Enjoy your dental checkup and keep your Amanah.

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