An overview of health security for all health practitioners
Event Details
Event Date 03-13-2023 04:00 PM
End Date 03-14-2023 08:30 PM
Event Topics "• Recognize the basics of medical devices. • Explain how to deal with medical devices. • Recognize ISO 13485 in healthcare. . Recognize the gaps of ISO 13485 in more detail. • Identify the modern concepts of medical devices. • Recognize the quality management system. • Recognize the planning & quality objectives. • Defain a culture of continual improvement. • Demonstrate how to improve decisions by basing them on data from the quality management system. • Recognize the most recent advancements in medical devices in healthcare."
Event Audience "Technicians and Health Aides Laboratory and Medical Technologies Medecine and surgery"
Organizer QOSCO_KSA
CME Hours 8
Location ONLINE
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Contact Details
WhatsApp: +966 50 929 5131
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