Compounding Sterile Preparations & Aseptic Techniques USP Training Program
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Event Date 04-29-2023 09:00 AM
End Date 04-29-2023 05:00 PM
Event Topics "►Sterile compounded preparations are performed by the pharmaceutical care except during emergency or urgency situations. ▸ Sterile compounded preparations are performed in the clean room by pharmaceutical care staff, qualified in intravenous admixture and aseptic technique. The hospital provides and documents training and competency assessment. There is full compliance with aseptic technique in all medication preparation areas all over the hospital. Practical sessions will include: Proper hand hygiene. garbing 150 Class 5 cleaning and sanitization, scheduled maintenance of equipment and cleaning of ISO Class 5, 150 Class 7 and ISO Class 8"
Organizer aseptictechniques
Location ONLINE
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