Aml Mohamed Nada
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Gender: Female
Speciality: Endocrine
Position : Consultant
Nationality : Egypt
Have you worked in Saudi Arabia?: No
Duration in Saudi: 8
Current Location: Kamis Mushit
Certificates Earned: MRCP (UK) , CCST (UK) , MD (Egypt) ,Saudi Commission for Health Specialties: Consultant in Endocrinology, Diabetes mellitus & Metabolism, United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health The Public Policies and Licensing Sector: Endocrinology Consultant, 2015
Scientific Achievements: Publications 1- Ragab Hani Donkol, Aml Mohamed Nada, Sami Boughattas. Role of color Doppler in differentiation of Graves' disease and thyroiditis in thyrotoxicosis. World J Radiol; 2013, 5 (4): 178-183. 2- Aml Mohamed Nada . Effect of treatment of overt hypothyroidism on insulin resistance. World J Diabetes; 2013 August 15; 4(4): 157161. 3- Aml Mohamed Nada. Correlation between vitamin D3 and fasting plasma glucose, A1c and serum lipids in non-diabetic subjects. Z.U.M.J.; 2013, 19 (4): 1-7. 4- Aml Mohamed Nada, Maha Hammouda. Vamin D deficiency and Body Mass Index in Females Living at a High Altitude Area. Med. J. Cairo Univ.; 2013, 81 (1): 537-542. 5- Aml Mohamed Nada. The effects of vitamin D3 and calcium supplementation on fasting plasma glucose, serum lipids, rate pressure product and body mass index in healthy adults. Z.U.M.J.Vol.20, March; 2014. 6- Aml Mohamed Nada, Maha Hammouda. Immunoregulatory T cells, LFA-3 and HLA-DR in autoimmune thyroid diseases. IJEM, 2014, 18 (4): 574-582.
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