Khaled Abulsaad
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Gender: Male
Speciality: Geriatric Medicine
Position : Consultant
Nationality : Egypt
Have you worked in Saudi Arabia?: No
Duration in Saudi: 8 month
Current Location: KSA
Certificates Earned: ▪ High school Tawfikia male secondary school on 1986 with a score of 93,3% ▪ M.B., B.Ch. - December 1992, Ain Shams faculty of Medicine. ▪ Diploma in General internal medicine, December 1999 - Ain Shams Faculty of Medicine. ▪ Master in medical geriatrics - May 1998 - Ain Shams University, Faculty of Medicine. ▪ Diploma in hospital management, October 2000 - Ain Shams University, Faculty of Commerce. ▪ Diploma in global strategy of hospital hygiene, June 2004 – from Claude Bernard (Lion-1) University, France in corporation with the general organization of teaching hospitals in Egypt. ▪ Doctorate degree in medical geriatrics, May 2004 – Ain Shams University, Faculty of Medicine. ▪ SC-Ger-RCP (Specialty Certificate of Geriatrics – Royal College of Physicians – UK) 2019.
Scientific Achievements: Summary Occupations: 1. Consultant of Geriatric Medicine and Internal Medicine, Al Kinidi Specialized Hospital, Manama, Bahrain from Feb 2020 till now. 2. Consultant of Geriatrics and internal medicine, Internal Medicine department, Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) and Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo Community Medical Center (EKKCMC), Bahrain MOH, Manama, from 28 November 2008, till 27 November 2019 3. Lecturer of Internal Medicine – (AGU) Arabian Gulf University – Bahrain From October 2015 till June 2018 4. Consultant of Geriatric Medicine, Fakhry and Rajjhy Hospital, Khobar, KSA from February 2008 till November 2008. 5. Consultant of Geriatrics & Internal Medicine, International Hospital of Bahrain (IHB), Manama, from June 2005 till December 2007. 6. Medical Doctor and Geriatrician – Internal medicine Hospital, department of Geriatric medicine - Ain Shams University hospitals from the 30th of April 1995 till May 2006 From resident till promoted to consultant in 2004 7. Medical Infection control physician and technical training advisor in the United States Naval Medical Research Unite-3 (NAMRU-3) in Cairo, Egypt, from March 2002 till March 2005 Physician, Infection Control Unit, Disease Surveillance Program. 8. Part time physician of internal medicine and medical intensive care in Cairo Specialized hospital (Cairo Medical Center) C.M.C. in Heliopolis, Cairo since the second of March 1997 and till March 2005. 9. Part time Physician in the osteoporosis unit of Elhelal Hospital in Cairo since October 2000 till December 2002. 10. General practitioner in the Egyptian ministry of health from the end of training as house offices till the 28th of April 1995. 11. House officer (internship) from the first of March 1993 till the 28th of February 1994 - Ain Shams University, Faculty of Medicine. Registration Bodies 1. DHA (Dubai Health Authority) DHA ID Number 79962043 2. NHRA (National Health Regulatory Authority - Bahrain), Registration number: 11002331 – Valid (Consultant of internal Medicine – Subspecialty : GERIATRICS) 3. Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, Registration number 08-K-M-0217862 – Expired – Renewable. (Consultant of Geriatric Medicine) 4. Egyptian Medical syndicate, Registration number: 111686 – Valid (Consultant of Geriatric Medicine) 5. Licensure Department, Egyptian MOH, Registration number: 115886 – Valid (Medical practitioner) Summary Skills : ▪ Management of inpatients and outpatients regarding geriatrics including emergencies ▪ Internal Medicine acute care and in hospital medical care ▪ Comprehensive geriatric assessment ▪ Management of specialized geriatric problems and syndromes e.g. osteoporosis, incontinence, instability and falls, dementia, delirium, depression, immobility and all diseases associated with old age. ▪ Management of elderly patients as out, and inpatient physically, mentally, psychologically with all needed skills for assessment and management for primary, secondary and tertiary care. ▪ Terminal and long-term care of the elderly. ▪ DEXA scan and reporting. ▪ Management of critically ill medical patients in ward, high dependency units and ICU. ▪ Infection control practice, system conduction, formal and on job training, monitoring, supervision and evaluation of infection control practices and programs. ▪ Endo-tracheal intubation. ▪ Mechanical ventilation. ▪ Central line application. ▪ CPR and Advanced life support. ▪ Plasma and blood component pharesis and therapy. ▪ Advanced patient monitoring. ▪ Teaching under and post gradual medical students ▪ Preparation and conduction of medical research ▪ Excellent training skills ▪ Excellent Computer and Internet skills. ▪ Leadership abilities and good communication skills. Researches: o Thesis submitted for partial fulfillment of degree of master in geriatrics accepted on 30th of September 1997, titled “Prevalence of urinary incontinence among elderly attending the outpatient clinic of the geriatric department -Ain Shams University hospitals a clinical-epidemiological study”. o Thesis submitted for partial fulfillment of degree of MD (Doctorate) in geriatrics, titled “Osteoporosis among Egyptian elderly” Discussed and accepted by Ain Shams University in December 2002. o Thesis submitted for partial fulfillment of degree of diploma in infection control, titled “Evaluation of Injection Safety in Primary Healthcare Units (PHUs) in Egypt” Discussed and accepted by Claude Bernard (Lion -1) University in June 2004. Published and Sited in: the EMPHIS (Euro Mediterranean Public Health Information System) http// o Vascular endothelial growth factor-A and Transforming growth factor beta-1 expression in post-menopausal osteoporosis. Histological and immune histochemical study. Egyptian Journal of Histology 2014. o Different cognitive tools in evaluation of cases of dementia. Accepted in the Egyptian Journal of Geriatrics and Gerontology 2014. o Effect of Resveratrol on mesenteric adipose tissue and cerebellar cortex of a rabbit model of high fat diet induced metabolic syndrome. A Histological and Immune HistoChemical Study. published in the Egyptian Journal of Histology 2014 o Vitamin D, Inflammatory Markers, Steroid use and Systemic Factors: Which is the culprit in Rheumatoid Arthritis Associated Osteoporosis? Published in international Archives of Medicine, 2016. o Screening for depression among elderly patients admitted to a sub-acute medical care and rehabilitation center in Bahrain, Published in International Achieves of Medicine, 2016. o Cognitive Impairment among Elderly, Patients Admitted For Post-Acute Care in Bahrain, Khaled A Abulsaad, Mahmood K Alsaeed, Mona A AlMahmoud, Egyptian Journal of Geriatrics and Gerontology, 2019; 6(2):29-33 Honored during 1. The 23rd congress of Faculty of medicine, Ain Shams University in February 2000, as ranked the first in the diploma of internal medicine. 2. The annual celebration of the Egyptian medical syndicate in Cairo in January 2001. 3. The annual celebration of the Egyptian medical syndicate in Cairo in October 2004 for obtaining the doctorate degree. 4. Twice by Bahrain MOH for research and Medical practice (see included certificates)
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