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Gender: Male
Speciality: Family Medicine
Position : Consultant
Nationality : India
Have you worked in Saudi Arabia?: No
Duration in Saudi: 2009 to 2020
Current Location: Petro Rabigh
Certificates Earned: Received three Appreciation letters from the Site President, Reliance Industries Limited as below for Handling chlorine exposed emergency in March, 2008. Handled 83 cases promptly and quickly without referring them outside and with a full satisfaction. By administering first aid-CPR to one of our company’s employee, who came with cardiac arrest due to stroke. He was survived because of my efficient efforts and technical experience. For commitment towards job and responsibility performed during the water logging and flood in the city and in our Vadodara Manufacturing Division.
Scientific Achievements: Honored with Fellow of College of General Practitioner – FCGP in Dec 2001 by Indian Medical Association, College of General Practitioners, and New Delhi. Attended several National and International conferences of Medicine, as well as Occupational Health in India as well as in abroad. Attended International Congress on Occupational Health (ICOH) conference at Milan, Italy in 2006. Presented papers in the National Conference of IOAH at Mumbai in 2008. Examiner to PGCIH course exam in M.S. University of Vadodara.
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