ahmed sayed
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Gender: Male
Speciality: Cardiac Surgery
Position : Specialist
Nationality : Egypt
Have you worked in Saudi Arabia?: No
Duration in Saudi:
Current Location: China, Beijing
Certificates Earned: •Certificate of attendance of CHINA HEART CONGRESS 2015 (6-9-August 2015),Beijing, China.International conference. Certificate of attendance of workshop on TISSUE VALVE REPLACEMENTS. Certificate of attendance of 36 credited hours on Basics Of Echocardiography (hands on training), Egyptian medical syndicate 2014. Certificate of attendance ECG INTERPRETATION in Egyptian medical syndicate 2014. certificate of attendance CME in India 2014. Certificate of attendance workshop on ROSS PROCEDURE in india 2014. Certificate in the program of "the ethics of scientific research" 2012. • Multiple presentations about Updates In Cardiac Surgery,Thoracic Trauma&VATS.Sohag University( attending and presenting 2008-2010) and Qena faculty of medicine,South Valley University(attending and presenting 2011-2012). • Supervisor on the house officer training from 2011 till now,Qena University hospital. • Trained on "How to write scientific paper" within the DAAD Kairo Akademie October 2011 • Attended The 18th Annual Conference of The Egyptian Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery 7-9 March,2012-Cairo Egypt. • General supervisor of the Kena medical student association(KMSA) for study year 2012\2013. • Attended the Satellite Forum 1 "European Guidelines for Myocardial Revascularization"National Heart Institute Cairo,Egypt 22nd January 2012.
Scientific Achievements: • March 2015 till Now Clinical Fellow in (Fuwai Hospital-Peking Union Medical College)world rank 54 and the largest hospital in the world for number of cardiac surgeries (10000 cardiac surgery a year)in both aspects of adult and pediatric cardiac surgery , including heart transplants under supervision of Dr Hu Shengshou the head of China Heart Congress. August 2013 till June 2014 Clinical Fellow in Medica Superspeciality Hospital, Kolkata, India (1400 cardiac surgery a year) under supervision of Dr Kunal Sarkar the renowned cardiac surgeon and head of Indian Associatin of Cardiothoracic Surgeons. March 2013-till now. Assisstant lecturer, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery,Qena Faculty of Medicine, South Valley University,Qena, Egypt. • March 2012-September 2012.Trainee, National Heart Institute, Division of Adult Cardiac Surgery(3 Days a week) and Division of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery(3 Days a week), Cairo,Egypt. • March 2011-March 2013.Demonastrator, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery,Qena Faculty of Medicine, South Valley University,Qena, Egypt. • March 2008 –March 2011.Resident in Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Sohag University, Egypt. • March 2007- June 2007.House Officer at El-Matarya Educational Hospital,Cairo,Egypt. • July 2007-August2007.House Officer at Ras-El-Tin Hospital,Alexandria,Egypt. • September 2007-February 2008.House Officer at Sohag University Hospital,Egypt.
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