About DoctorKSA - The Medical Resource Provider in Saudi Arabia

Doctorksa is an award winning website for healthcare professionals who are working or interested to practice in Saudi Arabia. Here you'll find a wide range of resources for you and your patients, handpicked to fit your daily information needs.  It is a secure website offering various professional services such as the very latest medical news, jobs listing, events calendar and free educational material allowing the health professionals to maintain Continuing Professional Development.

Doctorksa was developed and is run by health professionals who have a deep understanding to the needs of their colleagues in the health sector. The objective and mission of the site is to cater for the unmet demands and needs of the health professionals. Doctorksa provides varieties of service to its registered members as well as to the casual visitors to the site who are seeking scientific material or information on medical events, jobs or medical news. The site is equally of great benefits to the pharmaceutical companies or other companies interested to reach out to health professionals. The philosophy and the quality of the services provided by Doctorksa was the reason behind its success in winning the Strategic Health Portal section of Pan Arab Awards in 2011.

The major services provided by the website are detailed below.


1.      Recruitment

Doctorksa advertises for medical, nursing and allied services jobs. Our list of the jobs is the largest and most extensive which puts us head and shoulder above all the competitors in the field. Whether you are looking for a permanent job or something to fill the gap between jobs, Doctorksa provides you with up to date vacancies available in many healthcare organizations across the Kingdom.


2.      Medical Events

Doctorksa provides comprehensive and complete package service for health professionals who are organizing medical conferences and symposia. The services include setting up a dedicated and interactive website for the event, designing the event poster and leaflets. We also provide online registration and advertise for the event in our website and email its details to our registered members who are potentially interested in such events. Our experienced and dedicated team are always ready to provide high quality A to Z events management service.

3.      Medical News & Educational Material Service

The website provides up to date national & international medical news. The site posts published medical studies (local & international) which we feel of interest to our members. Such news and studies forms the backbone of our regular newsletter.

The medical material such as power-point presentations, video teaching material or review articles are available free to doctors and other health professionals. Education modules are authored by clinicians and peer reviewed. Doctorksa has built strong partnerships and relationships with some of the country’s best professional bodies and colleges.

4.      Medical Directory Service

Comprehensive lists of all the hospitals (public & private), medical and insurance companies in the Kingdom

5.      Advertising & Medical Surveys

With our extensive membership list, we would be the ideal site to place your advertisement and promote your business. Through our website, you will reach to one of the largest sectors of professionals in Saudi Arabia. 

We are in a unique position to run medical surveys. As a third party we can help you in setting up a survey that will reach your target audience. Our independent position will help you to achieve the best results for the intended project.