Frequently Asked Questions
  • I want to upload my CV in my profile, can you please assist me with that?

    First, you must log on to your own account in Once you have logged on, click on the tab for Medical Jobs, you will find the icon for RESUME. Click on that and it will show you the window where you can upload you resume/CV. It is important to put the title of your resume/CV (e.g. Your Name CV). You have an option to copy and paste your CV into the box provided or you can upload your ready-made CV into the system. However, if you still experience technical diffulties, you can send directly your CV to

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  • I would like to work in Saudi Arabia as foreign medical practitioner. What are the requirements?

    Most of the jobs posted in our website require at least minimum of 2 years post graduate experience in your chosen profession. For medical professionals from overseas, they have to pass the equivalency exam given by the Saudi Council for Health Specialties so they can practice their medical profession here in KSA. For more information, you may visit their website

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  • How can I access the medical slides?

    In order to get access to the medical slides we have in our website you must log on first to your account or if you have been registered member yet, please click on this link to register



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  • Can you register me in your website?

    We unfortunately cannot register in behalf of you. The fields need your personal information and the best person to answer them is you. You may click on the link below to go to the registration page of our website. Our registration process is just simple and will only take a moment of your time.

    Thank you

    Link for Registration


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  • In order to work in Saudi Arabia for medical job, where and which office has my documents be attested/aunthenticated?

    Certificates shall be authenticated from one of the following sources, provided that a lesser source shall not be considered where there are higher ones available. The procedure of authentication shall be as follows:

    .18-1 The Saudi Cultural Attach in the country of origin

    .18-2 The Saudi embassy or delegated representative in the country of origin

    .18-3 Authentication by Saudi embassy or delegated representative regarding the authentication of another country embassy

    .18-4 Origin country's embassy in the Kingdom of SaudiArabia + ministry of foreign affairs

    .18-5 Authentication by recognized authority by the commission

    For more information you log on to the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties website

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  • What are the benefits/salary packages in KSA?

    Medical and Dental Treatment

    As an international employee of you are entitled to Medical Care Dental and Basic dental care.

    Leave Time

    You are entitled to receive minimum 30 days annual leave and other holidays per year. This allows ample opportunity to take extended trips to your home country or to see the world and experience international travel at its best

    Airline Tickets

    As an International employee you will be entitled to both Initial Hire and Repatriation tickets to and from your point of origin. In addition, each year you will be entitled to a free round-trip annual leave ticket to your point of origin.

    Free Hospital Housing

    As an International employee you are entitled to receive either free Hospital housing or a housing allowance (some restrictions apply). As you will not be making rental or mortgage payments here in the Kingdom, this gives yet another boost to your monthly salary with money in your pocket!

    Relocation Allowance

    As an International employee some government hospitals give a generous relocation allowance to you upon both initial hire and repatriation (some restrictions apply). The amount of this relocation allowance depends upon your point of origin and your contract status.

    Recreational Facilities

    Most of the government hospitals have facilities open to you, including swimming pools, tennis courts, a bowling alley and amenities centre. In addition, some offer a number of recreational courses, exercise programs and trips and a variety of other benefits to the employees

    Potentially Tax-Free Salary

    In keeping with Saudi Law, no income taxes are collected by the Saudi Arabian government. This means that your paycheque comes to you and you keep every riyal you earn. (US$ 1 = Saudi Riyal 3.75) Imagine receiving a paycheck with no deductions for income taxes!!! If you do qualify to be tax-free from your home country, this is the equivalent of receiving a pay raise equal to your income tax rate, possibly as much as a 40% increase automatically! And that is not even considering the competitive salaries offered by the hospitals and other moneysaving benefits such as free housing.

    Service Bonuses

    Most of the government hospitals offer generous service bonuses equal to one month's salary upon completion of each contract year, beginning after the second contract year.

    Severance Pay

    Most of the government hospitals give their international hire employees severance pay upon completion of your contract and subsequent repatriation. This is a one-time payment made upon your final departure from the hospital and is accrued throughout your tenure within the Hospital. Severance pay accrues at a rate of 15 days pay for each of your first four years and 30 days pay for the fifth and subsequent years.

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