• International Journal of Medical Microbiology

    Pathogen genome sequencing projects have provided a wealth of data that need to be set in context to pathogenicity and the outcome of infections. In addition, the interplay between a pathogen and its host cell has become increasingly important to understand and interfere with diseases caused by microbial pathogens. International Journal of Medical Microbiology (IJMM) meets these needs by focussing on genome and proteome analyses, studies dealing with the molecular mechanisms of pathogenicity and the evolution of pathogenic agents, the interactions between pathogens and host cells ("cellular microbiology"), and molecular epidemiology. 

  • International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents

    The International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents provides comprehensive and up-to-date peer reviewed reference information on the physical, pharmacological, in vitro and clinical properties of individual antimicrobial agents (antiviral agents, antiparasitic agents, antibacterial agents, antifungal agents, etc.). In addition, the Journal signals new trends and developments in the field through highly authoritative review articles on antimicrobial agents. Special attention is given to articles providing insight into the problems of antimicrobial resistance both in the hospital and in the community. 

  • Virulence

    Virulence is the first international peer-reviewed journal of its kind to focus exclusively on microbial pathogenicity, the infection process and host-pathogen interactions. This Journal is both timely and important. In order to address the new infectious challenges, emerging infectious agents and antimicrobial resistance, there is a clear need for interdisciplinary research and a publication that brings together scientists and clinical researchers that work on the 'pathogen', the 'host' or the 'antimicrobial agents'. Virulence is a multi-disciplinary journal dedicated to bringing together basic, translational and clinical research on all aspects of host-pathogen interactions.

  • Parasites and Vectors

    Parasites & Vectors is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal dealing with the biology of parasites, parasitic diseases, intermediate hosts, vectors and vector-borne pathogens. In addition to the traditional and well-established areas of science in these fields, we also aim to provide a vehicle for publication of the rapidly developing resources and technology in parasite, intermediate host and vector genomics and their impacts on biological research. We are able to publish large datasets and extensive results, frequently associated with genomic and post-genomic technologies, which are not readily accommodated in traditional journals. 

  • Emerging Microbes and Infections

    As an international peer reviewed journal, the mission of Emerging Microbes & Infections (EMI) is to provide a new integrated forum to allow for the timely dissemination of large amount of information gathered about microbes and infections, especially ones associated with increasing biological and clinical significance and pathogenic frequency.

  • Viruses

    Viruses is an open access journal which provides an advanced forum for studies of viruses. It publishes reviews, regular research papers, communications, conference reports and short notes. Its aim is to encourage scientists to publish their experimental and theoretical results in as much detail as possible. Viruses is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

  • Advances in Virus Research

    Advances in Virus Research series covers a diverse range of in-depth reviews providing a valuable overview of the current field of virology. The series of eclectic volumes are valuable resources to virologists, microbiologists, immunologists, molecular biologists, pathologists and plant researchers.

  • The Open AIDS Journal

    The Open AIDS Journal is an Open Access online journal, which publishes Research articles, Reviews and Letters in all areas of research on HIV/AIDS. The Journal covers recent studies on experimental, clinical, therapeutic, pathogenesis, vaccines, drug resistance, diagnostics and virology on HIV/AIDS.

  • Malaria Journal

    Malaria Journal is aimed at the scientific community interested in malaria in its broadest sense. It is the only journal that publishes exclusively articles on malaria and, as such, it aims to bring together knowledge from the different specialities involved in this very broad discipline, from the bench to the bedside and to the field. Malaria Journal offers a fast publication schedule while maintaining rigorous peer-review; this is achieved by managing the whole of the publication process electronically, from submission to peer-review.

  • Vaccine

    Vaccine is the official journal of The Edward Jenner Society and The Japanese Society for Vaccinology. It is the pre-eminent journal for those interested in vaccines and vaccination.