Links : Geriatric Medicine
  • Current Aging Science

    Current Aging Science publishes frontier review and experimental articles in all areas of aging and age-related research that may influence longevity. This multidisciplinary Journal will help in understanding the biology and mechanism of aging, genetics, pathogenesis, intervention of normal aging process and preventive strategies of age-related disorders. The Journal publishes objective reviews written by experts and leaders actively engaged in research using cellular, clinical, molecular, and animal models, including lower organism models (e.g., yeast, Caenorhabditis elegans and Drosophila). In addition to the affect of aging on integrated systems, the Journal also covers original articles on recent research in fast emerging areas of adults stem cells, brain imaging, calorie restriction, immunosenescence, molecular diagnostics, pharmacology and clinical aspects of aging. 

  • Aging Clinical and Experimental Research

    Aging Clinical and Experimental Research offers a multidisciplinary forum on the progressing field of gerontology and geriatrics. The areas covered by the Journal include: biogerontology, neurosciences, epidemiology, clinical gerontology and geriatric assessment, social, economical and behavioral gerontology. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research appears bimonthly and publishes review articles, original papers and case reports.

  • Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy

    ​Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy is the leading source of clinically applicable evidence for achieving optimal health, wellness, mobility, and physical function across the continuum of health status for the aging adult.

  • Experimental Aging Research

    Experimental Aging Research is a life span developmental and aging journal dealing with research on the aging process from a psychological and psychobiological perspective. It meets the need for a scholarly journal with refereed scientific papers dealing with age differences and age changes at any point in the adult life span. Areas of major focus include experimental psychology, neuropsychology, psychobiology, work research, ergonomics, and behavioral medicine. Original research, book reviews, monographs, and papers covering special topics are published.

  • European Reviews of Aging and Physical Activity

    The European Review of Aging and Physical Activity (EURAPA) is an open access journal disseminating research on issues related to physical activity and aging in the biomedical and behavioral sciences. The (EURAPA) welcomes researchers and practitioners wishing to look beyond the borders of their specialization. The Journal aims to provide an international forum for the advancement of our understanding of the relationships between aging and physical activity. Research approaches in the field of aging and physical activity emerge from several disciplines and the scope of EURAPA encompasses biomedical as well as behavioral sciences. It covers topics ranging from biochemistry, biomechanics, clinical sciences, ethics and philosophy, exercise science, genetics, geriatrics, gerontology, immunology, health, motor learning and motor control, research methods, nutrition, physiology, psychology, and sociology. In addition to being a platform for established research groups, the Journal invites novice researchers to submit reviews or original papers.

  • Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology

    The Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology offers an international and interdisciplinary forum for discussion of the aging process and issues of the aged throughout the world. The Journal emphasizes discussions of research findings, theoretical issues, and applied approaches and provides a comparative orientation to the study of aging in cultural contexts.

  • Research on Aging

    Research on Aging (ROA), peer-reviewed and published eight times a year, is an interdisciplinary journal designed to reflect the expanding role of research in the field of social gerontology. For over three decades, scholars, researchers and professionals have turned to ROA for the latest analyses on the critical issues facing today's elderly population. This outstanding Journal serves as an international forum on the aged and the ageing process, providing you with the knowledge you need to help improve practices and policies concerning the elderly. This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

  • Geriatrics and Gerontology International

    Geriatrics & Gerontology International is the official Journal of the Japan Geriatrics Society, reflecting the growing importance of the subject area in developed economies and their particular significance to a country like Japan with a large aging population. Geriatrics & Gerontology International is now an international publication with contributions from around the world and published four times per year. It serves as a medium for presenting original articles and review articles that offer significant contributions to knowledge in the broad field of geriatrics and gerontology. The Journal also includes case reports, letters to the editors, abstracts and new items that may be of interest to geriatrics and gerontology researchers. The Journal also provides information on national and international congresses held within Asian countries to promote friendship and to exchange ideas of mutual interest in the field of geriatrics and gerontology.

  • Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition

    The purposes of Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition are to (a) publish research on both the normal and dysfunctional aspects of cognitive development in adulthood and aging, and (b) promote the integration of theories, methods, and research findings between the fields of cognitive gerontology and neuropsychology. The primary emphasis of the Journal is to publish original empirical research. Occasionally, theoretical or methodological papers, critical reviews of a content area, or theoretically relevant case studies will also be published. Emphases of interest include information processing mechanisms, intellectual abilities, the impact of injury or disease on performance, cognitive training, cognitive and pharmacological approaches to treatment and rehabilitation, metacognition, and the social and personal aspects of cognitive functioning. 

  • Journal of Nutrition in Gerontology and Geriatrics

    The  Journal of Nutrition in Gerontology and Geriatrics publishes original research studies that are directly relevant to clinical and community nutrition issues that affect older adults. Epidemiologic and community-based studies are suitable for JNE, as are well-controlled clinical trials of preventive and therapeutic nutritional interventions. The Journal of Nutrition in Gerontology and Geriatrics invites papers on a broad array of topics in the nutrition and aging field, including but not limited to studies of: preventive nutrition, nutritional interventions for chronic disease, aging effects on nutritional requirements, nutritional status and dietary intake behaviors, nutritional frailty and functional status, usefulness of supplements, programmatic interventions, transitions in care and long term care, and community nutrition issues.