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  • Journal of Neurological Sciences

    Official Journal of the World Federation of Neurology

    The Journal of the Neurological Sciences provides a medium for the prompt publication of studies on the interface between clinical neurology and the basic sciences. Emphasis is placed on sound scientific developments which are or will soon become relevant to the clinician.

    Its scope includes neuromuscular diseases, demyelination, atrophies, dementia, neoplasms, infections, and disturbances of consciousness, stroke and cerebral circulation, growth and development, plasticity and intermediary metabolism.

  • Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience is a first-tier electronic journal devoted to understanding the brain mechanisms supporting cognitive and social behavior in humans, and how these mechanisms might be altered in disease states. The last 25 years have seen an explosive growth in both the methods and the theoretical constructs available to study the human brain. Advances in electrophysiological, neuroimaging, neuropsychological, psychophysical, neuropharmacological and computational approaches have provided key insights into the mechanisms of a broad range of human behaviors in both health and disease. Work in human neuroscience ranges from the cognitive domain, including areas such as memory, attention, language and perception to the social domain, with this last subject addressing topics, such as interpersonal interactions, social discourse and emotional regulation. How these processes unfold during development, mature in adulthood and often decline in aging, and how they are altered in a host of developmental, neurological and psychiatric disorders, has become increasingly amenable to human neuroscience research approaches. Work in human neuroscience has influenced many areas of inquiry ranging from social and cognitive psychology to economics, law and public policy. Accordingly, our journal will provide a forum for human research spanning all areas of human cognitive, social, developmental and translational neuroscience using any research approach.

  • Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society

    JINS publishes peer-reviewed articles covering all areas of neuropsychology with either an experimental or clinical focus. Original research with an option for fast, short communications, critical reviews and dialogues that make a theoretical contribution to the field, and transactions of the annual meetings of the International Neuropsychological Society are published. Contributions reflect the interest of all areas of neuropsychology, including but not limited to development of cognitive processes, brain-behavior relationships, adult and child neuropsychology, disorders of speech and language, and very importantly the interface of neuropsychology with related areas, such as cognitive neuroscience, behavioral neurology and neuropsychiatry.

  • Journal of Neuroinflammation

    Journal of Neuroinflammation is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal that focuses on innate immunological responses of the nervous system, involving microglia, astrocytes, cytokines, chemokines, and related molecular processes.

  • Neurobiology of Disease

    Neurobiology of Disease is a major international journal at the interface between basic and clinical neuroscience. The journal provides a forum for the publication of top quality research papers on: molecular and cellular definitions of disease mechanisms, the neural systems and underpinning behavioral disorders, the genetics of inherited neurological and psychiatric diseases, nervous system aging, and findings relevant to the development of new therapies.

  • NeuroImage

    NeuroImage, a Journal of Brain Function provides a vehicle for communicating important advances in acquiring, analyzing, and modelling neuroimaging data and in applying these techniques to the study of structure-function and brain-behavior relationships. Though the emphasis is on the macroscopic level of human brain organization, meso-and microscopic neuroimaging across all species will be considered if informative for understanding the aforementioned relationships.

  • Neuroradiology

    The journal Neuroradiology publishes papers on neuroradiological diagnosis and treatment, the application of basic sciences to both, and the use of apparatus. A

  • Neurology

    Neurology is the official publication of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN). It is the leading clinical neurology journal worldwide and is directed to physicians concerned with diseases and conditions of the nervous system.

  • Neurologic Clinics

    Neurologic Clinics updates you on the latest trends in patient management; keeps you up to date on the newest advances; and provides a sound basis for choosing treatment options.

  • Neurocritical Care

    Neurocritical Care is a peer reviewed scientific publication whose major goal is to disseminate new knowledge on all aspects of acute neurological care. It is directed towards neurosurgeons, neuro-intensivists, neurologists, anesthesiologists, emergency physicians, and critical care nurses treating patients with urgent neurologic disorders. These are conditions that may potentially evolve rapidly and could need immediate medical or surgical intervention. Neurocritical Care provides a comprehensive overview of current developments in intensive care neurology, neurosurgery and neuroanesthesia and includes information about new therapeutic avenues and technological innovations. Neurocritical Care is the official journal of the Neurocritical Care Society.