• High Dose Vitamins 'Could Inhibit Healing Process'

    Added On : 14th January 2013

    high-dose vitsTaking very high vitamin doses could harm the body by inhibiting its ability to heal, new research indicates.

    Millions take pills to boost their levels of vitamins including C and E, which are antioxidants.

    These mop up 'free radical' molecules, also known as reactive oxygen species (ROS), that have been linked to premature ageing and cancer.

    For many years the prevailing view has been that extremely high doses of antioxidants do no harm, leading for instance to high dose vitamin C pills, which contain 10 times one's recommended daily amount.

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  • Exercise, Talk Therapy by Phone May Help Relieve...

    Added On : 15th January 2013

    Exercise, Talk Therapy by Phone May Help Relieve Fibromyalgia Pain

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  • MoH to Expand Emergency Services

    Added On : 16th January 2013

    al-rabeah qitabThe Ministry of Health plans to expand and upgrade its much-needed emergency medical services in the country, said Health Minister Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, while chairing a meeting of the Health Services Council in Riyadh yesterday.

    Emergency medicine (also called emergentology) is a medical specialty where physicians care for patients with acute illnesses or injuries, which require immediate medical attention. While not usually providing long-term or continuing care, emergency medicine physicians diagnose a variety of illnesses and undertake acute interventions to resuscitate and stabilize patients.

    Emergency medicine physicians practice in hospital emergency departments, in pre-hospital settings via emergency medical services, and other locations where initial medical treatment has to take place.

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  • Tips for Sleep Without Heartburn

    Added On : 17th January 2013

    Does heartburn keep you up at night? Follow these tips for better sleep.

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  • Stem Cells May Help Treat Incontinence

    Added On : 18th January 2013

    Study Shows Benefit From Stem Cells Derived From a Patient's Muscle Cells

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  • Sunbeds are Twice as Dangerous as Midday Sun...

    Added On : 18th January 2013

    tanning bedSunbeds are Twice as Dangerous as Midday Sun: Researchers

    Sunbeds are twice as dangerous as lying in the midday Mediterranean sun, a study has warned.

    Experts have found that the risk of skin cancer from sunbeds is more than double that of spending the same length of time in the Mediterranean midday summer sun and most exceed safety standards.

    Researchers tested levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from 400 sunbeds in England and found that nine in ten of the sunbeds tested emitted UV radiation at levels above British and EU standards.

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  • Jeddah Erfan Hospital Likely to Reopen Soon

    Added On : 18th January 2013

    A Jeddah hospital where the eight-year-old son of a prominent businessman died during an operation on Nov. 15 last year will reopen soon, according to sources.

    The Dr. Erfan and Bagedo Hospital was closed by the Minister of Health Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah two months ago. The reopening comes after the Administrative Court in Jeddah ordered that the hospital should be allowed to operate.

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  • FDA Approves Skin Patch for Migraines

    Added On : 19th January 2013

    zecuityThe FDA has approved the Zecuity (sumatriptan) skin patch system for adults who have migraines with or without aura. The single-use, battery-powered patch offers relief of migraine-related nausea as well as migraine headaches.

    Of the 16 million U.S. adults with migraines, 8 million have migraine-related nausea and typically avoid use of oral medications.

    "In addition to severe headache pain, migraine patients [come in] with other significant symptoms, which commonly include migraine-related nausea," says Lawrence C. Newman, MD, director of the Headache Institute at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital in New York, in a news release from the manufacturer, NuPathe Inc.

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  • Your Risk for Osteoporosis and Bone Fractures

    Added On : 20th January 2013

    When most of us think of the "brittle bone disease" known as osteoporosis, we picture a frail older woman with a broken hip or stooped shoulders. But you can't tell if someone has osteoporosis just by looking at them. Doctors need to review your personal and family history, your habits, as well as a bone density test to find your personal risk.

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  • Hospital Demands SR780,000 for Discharge...

    Added On : 20th January 2013

    Hospital Demands SR780,000 for Discharge of Newborn Baby

    MAKKAH ¬ó A private hospital in Makkah is demanding parents pay SR780,000 before it will release their baby who was born premature to their care, a local newspaper reported.

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